Trade Deadline(merged)

is tomorrow night i believe, any trade talk to speak of yet?

I haven't heard anything.

With the trading deadline fast approaching who will be the first Gm to make a trade to better his teams needs before the playoffs begin? Will it be the riders, winnipeg, edmonton or Toronto? Which team can afford to? What is the missing link on the contenders teams. Who needs what? These questiond will be answered in just a little bit more than 24 hours.
Who thinks their team should make a move and for whom?

Sorry chief I started a post on the very same without noticing this one. Please meld mine in this one I guess.

Toronto should trade a couple of its aged defenders to the Tabbies for Printers.

No one else will do a whoole bunch, because they all consider themselves in the playoff mix.

Trouble with Printers is he was a "one year wonder." Hamilton signed him for so much, nobody wants to pay out that amount for a guy who's done nothing since 2004.

Does the league still allow teams to trade a player for one to be named latter, like machocia(edmonton) did 3 or 4 years ago/

Jesse Lumsden to Edmonton........You heard it here first! :wink:

What are we giving up for him, Sporty? I'd rather wait for him to become a FA. :lol:

I'd say T.O. and Winnipeg need the most improvement, but doesn't Tillman always pull one out of left field? :lol: I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a trade. Who he'd go after is anyone's guess.

Marty York reporst Jason Maas is going to Hamilton for Lumsden! :lol: :lol: :lol:

That made me laugh. :lol: Edmonton management probably would be dumb enough to offer up that trade, but fortunately for Hamilton fans, I don't think their management would be dumb enough to accept.

You are right Chief. Tongue was firmly planted in cheek on that post.

But if I was a betting person, I'd bet the mortgage that Lumsden will be in Edmonton via the Free Agency route for next season.

Maybe McCually from Hamilton to the riders for a few recivers? Or an O-lineman. Can't see the O player though with O'Day out.

Lumsden, Harris, and McCarty would give us a pretty sweet running game.

McCaulley is on the 9 game disabled

who the hell is this McCauly guy we are talking about? do you mean Terry Caulley? if so its not happening....he has been shut down for the season...placed on the 9 game IR

Just hidden there I believe isn't he.

I doubt that you will see any trades in the Collusion Football League... As for Lumsden... YOU CANNOT TRADE INJURED PLAYERS... otherwise he'd already be in Deadmonton

Deadmonton.... Wow, good one!

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

It's Blin, what were you expecting?