First of all we need to do something with the recieving core

Second at least make a pitch for a proven starting QB

3rd a proven injury free o-line

Now i will say who we should go after (at least try and who may be available and who i think needs to be gone from the BB's:

I say we make a pitch for Jason maas, yes he is having a bad year, but comeon, the guy is proven and what Hamilton player is not. Also on Hamilton I would go for Holmes (who is available) to return kicks and move aj3 to WR, also on hamilton i like ty Cody, the guy is a monster with speed on defense.

So who would we trade to get these 3 guys?

Well one would be Glenn or Banks, second i think Thurmon, 3rd i think Hebert (too much baggage and never wanted to come here in the first place) ps. notice how shitty he is playing now? escape route?

Who do you BB fans think we should trade and who should we go after? LET ME HERE YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE, AS THE BB'S HAVE TO MAKE A FINAL PUSH.

i wouldnt be against trading thurmon or hebert. we could also trade darryl ray(NI), now that we have eckert, shawn gallant(NI), john sullivan(NI), one of neil mckinlay or adrian barid(both NI). some other good trade bait would be john oosterhuis(NI), as we could use donte booker to replace ron warner, and cam legeult to replace doug brown incase of injury. another guy we could put up is belton johnson.

guys id be interested in from hamilton, holmes, flick and wayne shaw. wayne shaw would be a good starting canadian safety, which we really need.

we could trade bearman to, whatever floats hamiltons boat.

wouldnt really be interested in holmes though, he'll be headed back to sask after this season and it would cost to much to get him. AJ's good enough imo.

but flick and wayne shaw would really help this team out. were going to have to wait untill free agency for a QB, or off season, thats to big of a position to go changing around and would massivly throw off any chemistry we already have, which would only hurt us more IMO. Glenn will get us to the play offs, although, i never thought id say this, but im starting to agree with those who say hes nothing but a great back up. i dont think he will get us anywhere in the playoffs. we need a QB that can pick apart defences, thats something Glenn cant do, hes good for one or two drives(courtesy of charles roberts) or a big play here and there (courtisy of milt stegall. but he cant use all the recievers and pick apart defences the way great QBs in the CFL can. so truth be told, hes a great back up.

another trade we could do is Hebert for John Grace strait up.

another thing that would seriously help this team is Mike Sellers lol, im sorry i cant get over this guy, i hope for some strange reason he ends up with the bombers soon. which, i know, is highly improbable

another guy to trade would be brazzell

trade TAMAN and BAUER!

I think it's time to start at the top, as these two have not really made the Bombers any better!

To get good players you need to trade good players. Brazzel might get you a kicking T at best! :lol:
But there are needs to up grade your receivers no doubt about it! Stegal is the only guy thats face it! Glenn would be okay if he had guys he could throw too other then just Stegal!

yeah, cant wait till cavil gets back, and stoddards doin good now that hes closer to the QB. lol but the thing is red we cant afford to trade our good players becaue we have so few of them

.......nobody is going to deal you guys a decent QB...

i realized that already
thats a big reason i said we had to wait untill free agency.

we try to trade for corey holmes then we use corey as trade bait so we can get a really good reciver

We Know 2 Teams That Would Be Willing To Trade Right Now .... Hamilton and Edmonton

From Edmonton - I would like to see Taman pry a reciever such as Ed Hervey (i know someone said it in another post), but he would help, and a DB from Edmonton for Hebert and Thurmon. Sorry I don't like Hebert and I don't think he is playing 100% (an excuse to be let go to the NFL) ... Hervey isn't a long shot to get. I don't know too much about Edmonton's roster.

Hamilton - I like CODY, as said earlier, watching him against Edmonton, the guy has speed and is a great tackler, Hebert for Cody straight up.

Other teams that may be looking to trade for there playoff push is Sask and Calgary .. more likely Saskatchewan, but every time we trade with Saskatchewan we get the shitty end of the stick (see Glenn :lol: ), but they have pretty good recievers and might be willing to part with one, we'll see.

I’d start with Taman for sure!

Sporty do not get me started! :lol:

I thought Khari Jones was not doing too bad of a job, but he did noy have the receivers that he could count on when needed. Even Milt Stegall, even with all his touchdons, always aeemed to get sloppy when the game counted. I would use Stegall as bait for a trade, as I think he's been there tooooooooo long! He dropped a couple of easy ones in the last game!

Red, we knew the answer to their problems before the season started. Next ear, how about you and I sign on as Co- GM’s and we’ll make them a contender again! :wink:

At least we would not sign anthing on two legs! I think my dad (pappa) could do way better then Taman. Now he knows what a football player is! His pick is Flight you know the grounded flight! Sorry Dad! No you would do ten times better then Taman! So bomberfans now do you think Taman is a good GM. The best signing he did this year was his three year contract! :lol: :lol: :lol: