Trade Deadline II

Now that Edmonton is eliminated, will they have a "fire sale" between now and Wednesday's deadline?

Anyone the Als should try to poach?

Ted Laurent for Andrew Woodruff would even throw in a conditional pick if he extends with us in the off season.


Ted Laurent and Chris Thompson for Woodruff and Lumbala

Not certain I like the second option, Popp saw something in Lumbala that made him pass up some good players (including several of JP's favs - O-Linemen). But kinda like the first. I understand Woodruff is a slight risk because of his being on the 9-game injury list (and that may even prevent the deal depending on CFL rules) but an non-import OL entering the prime of his career has high value. IMO there would be a higher risk of Laurent not re-signing than Woodruff not playing next season. Als would need a draft pick coming back if Laurent signs elsewhere.

We have way too much NI talent so we can only protect maybe 3 linesmen at the most. We might end up protecting two so why not move one or two? Unless Jim wants Ottawa to take a linesman or two :wink: This could also be the plan.
So Laurent if he's interested in playing at home could be left in free agency and signed after the draft to a new contract
Lumbala only signed for two years. Those are development years for him so the team won't get much production from him and he will likely go back to Alberta so that is something to look at and again I can't see how he could be protected for the draft.

Yeah, to me a trade between Edm and Mon makes perfect sense for both teams. Edmonton is in desperate need of non-import O-linemen, which we have in abundance. We need NI strength at defensive tackle; Edmonton has what we're looking for. If I'm Ed Hervey, I'm talking to Jim Popp right now...

Laurent and a draft pick for Woodruff and Lumbala seems like a great trade for both teams.

Laurent is a MOntrealer and fits the needs we have
Woodruff is an Edmontonian and fits the needs they have
Draft Pick is something Edmonton can afford to give up in a weak draft year where there is no player that can make the jump right away.
Lumbala is also a position of need for Edmonton and the kid wants to work in the OIl and Gas industry out there.

Yes Lumbala and Woodruff are on the 9 game but Edmonton does not need them this season anyway.

I doubt that the Als or any other CFL team will make a trade this week.

If I was making a trade, I would try to get J.T. Gilmore,IMP DT from Winnipeg. The Als could give a 2014 late draft choice or NIP LB Curtis Dublanko.


No way to that one.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Chris Thompson, always have; think he's been a real good DHB in his career, and is an extremely pleasant and personable young man to meet in person.

That said, I don't think there's much left in that gas tank, and there's no way, much as I like him, that I'd be playing him ahead of either Jerald Brown or Billy Parker.

So, no thanks.

We also don't need more aging DBs. We need to get back to developing DBs ourselves, not poaching castoffs from other teams. The last DBs we brought into the league ourselves were Jerald Brown and Billy Parker. That's already five years ago now. Time for some fresh blood. If at least one of Carter, Wells, and Gainey isn't ready to be a starter next year, it's time for Jim Popp to reevaluate how he scouts defensive backs...

I was thinking more along the line of playing him ahead of Michael Carter :lol: But your right he's a natural HB.

I was thinking more along the line of playing him ahead of Michael Carter :lol: But your right he's a natural HB.

Michael Carter has not played too much in this current season; he played/started yesterday because of injuries to Byron Parker and Ed Gainey. He was beaten early in the game and was quickly replaced by Ben Wells. The Als don't need Chris Thompson.


Bombers traded Alex Hall and a second round pick to the Riders for Pat Newfeld and a fourth rounder.

Surprised by the trade,particularly Winnipeg giving a second round pick in 2014.


One thing we have to remember if/when we get excited about the Winnipeg and Edmonton 4 -man pass rush is that their d-lines are poor against the run. And that includes Alex Hall.

I think Winnipeg is doing the right thing. They are going to prioritize on their Oline and QB position. They can use their first rounder on one of the three top guys in the draft, They could sign one or two in free agency. Picard comes to mind, I'm sure there will be others. They should try to trade for another one too.