Trade deadline approaching

What moves should we make with the trade dead line approaching? I believe NML will be shipped off sooner than later, i just hope we get something decent in return if it does happen. I believe the blue team wanted him last year. What do you guys think?

if we want to make the playoffs this year we are going to have to trade one of our 1st round picks and another player and get a starter on the O-line or D-line.

The blue boys must have some good backup D-linemen on their team, how about Ron Flemons, from what I have seen of him he is good.

Nautyn has done 'nutten'..
I think he'll be traded..hopefully for D-line or O-line

I agree NML has to go but I think the most we would get is a late round pick or futures.

At this point in the season, we should not be trading our draft choices for guys that might make a difference this year. This year is over. Better to trade a few guys who won't be back next year who could help other teams in the playoffs for future considerations and draft choices.

Obie should trade Tony Miles and M loesher both have under achieved this year as well as Casey get the popcorn out l am here printers.Miles has no seperation from the recievers and does not make a significant yardage after the catch.In my opinion JoJo Walker is way more productive and a more of threat after the catch.

is there any takers for jesse? lol

Why do you think we'd get something decent from someone who is underperforming?

What's your reasoning?

Printers stays, NML goes, we can build around Casey.

Trading Zeke wasn't enough excitement? There is really no big value guys for trades because we are kind of over a barrel. If you were going to make a trade, Zeke would be one guy who has alot of value. But that ship has sailed. I don't think we're going to get enough to help this team by trading Miles or NML.

Because he has shown in the past he can be a good player, sometimes a change of scenery is good for players, and for us it would be nice to get something in return while cutting out his salary.

Anyone suggesting trading NML is just plain crazy.

  1. What do you expect to get back for him, considering he's a "underachiever?"

  2. Anybody who is trading with us is looking to add quality depth for a playoff push, or looking to replace an injured starter. What does that tell you about NML? It tells me that he is a starter. I'd prefer to keep a starter rather than trade him for spare parts in some ill-advised salary dump.

It's not like he was advertised as the second coming of Joe Montford. The guy is a good pass rusher, but when he's double teamed all night because none of the other three guys gets anywhere near the QB, it's hard to put up any sacks.

If we want any chance of rebuilding our front four, we need to keep players and add to them, moving guys down the depth chart as it suits. Not shipping out starters on the hope that the guy we add suddenly makes us a contender.

Other than the odd backup or role player. I say keep the team together and see where it goes. Then start adding new players in the offseason.

Our best player "Zeke" gets us a first round pick.

Our garbage will net "0" trade value.