Trade deadline approaches

.....Oct. 9th I believe is the trade deadline......I wonder?? will we make some moves????? Lots of trouble in riderland as there's talk Chamblin might need to shake things up... The bar fiasco their players were involved in, seems to have come home to roost..I don't know if a trade would help both clubs....certainly would be worth a look on our part....None of their delinquents appeal to me but maybe an o linemen could be had ,for a player they might need.......We do have some talented receivers who they might want....Dressler is one unhappy camper it appears and their receivers could need a shake-up, for example....Nothing much to do except inquire about making moves for the future...Who knows maybe something could be worked out that would benefit both teams... Just a thought... :roll:

If anything, they might be able to unload a veteran free agent to a playoff bound team.

If they can get a good return for Hall that's not a bad move. But it has to be a good return otherwise might as well not make the trade.

....Arash on my Madani is the source???..... He might be stuck for something, to conjure up interest in this club... :lol: If there's a team interested in Hall...I would hope we are getting a player of quality in return...How about if T.O. gives us Collaros with an agreed upon extended contract...we give them Hall and a second round pick...C'mon know you wanna :lol: Yeah right...We could try to pry Best out of Sask. but with Hall being an fa at the end of the year...unlikely... As of right now..I think a trade for Hall is going to depend on how serious a team is for the Cup run???

.....So the talk is... at least in Sask., is that we're trying to pry Willy off of their roster for Hall.....Don't like it unless there's a guarantee that fa Willy will sign with the Bombers after the season....Why would we want to go down the road of uncertainty...We've got enough of that....There has to be a better deal out there...if not...go all out to re-sign Hall ...No upside to Willy AND what exactly has he done in the league anyway???...Keep on looking for a qb. Walters and Miller from another club.... :roll:

I'd make that deal. Drew Willy I think has more upside than anyone we have on the roster now and the chances of Hall being back in a Bomber uniform at the start of 2014 are remote. If he's serious about another NFL shot he'll sit and wait as long as needed, up through the start of the NFL season IMO. I think we could be competitive for his services if/when he comes back and hopefully by that time the bombers are better off than they are now.

I highly doubt the Riders would even consider it despite their desire to play in a home Grey Cup game. The biggest reason is they only have 3 QBs on the roster, no way they trade their number 2 guy with only a rookie left on the roster. If Durant gets hurt and Willy was traded away they could pretty much kiss any chance of playing in the big game, regardless of how much they like Sunseri. They'd only do it if Willy was a "player to be named later". Agreeing to this would make no sense from the bombers perspective unless, as you say papazoola, there is some assurance that Willy would agree to a new deal. Trading away one of your top performers for a player to be named who leaves a couple months later during FA? After the way this season has unfolded that's would be piling on.

Any big trade you make now will cost you your first round pick next year, which you need to keep. Just wait for F.A. to sign a QB.

....If Willy is brought in for Hall and he is expected to be our no 1 next year....gawd help us....This guy has done nothing that I can remember except hold a clip board....Riders think their next back-up Sunseri is better???? What does that say..Big mistake UNLESS he's going to be a no 2 guy and we already have 2 of those...Everyone thinks we're going to get something for nothing...Ain't gonna happen...Watching the B.C. game last night I thought we might get to see a little of Willy...Well we did alright...he came in and was asked to get one yard on a third down gamble...with inches to go....didn't get it...Cripes ...even Goltz could have done that :lol: Keep Hall dangled for a better option...not necessarily a qb....Digging bigger holes for this club is not in our best interest... :wink:

Hall to the Riders for Neufeld.

October 6th Transaction:

Saskatchewan Acquires

Import DL Alex Hall

2014 second round draft pick

Winnipeg Acquires

Non-import OL Patrick Neufeld

2015 fourth round draft pick

Good move IMO.

......Hall was leaving and will be in the nfl next year...He is a rental for the riders and they paid handsomely...Neufeld is a solid ni o lineman and giving up a second rounder in exchange for a fourth in 2015 isn't too bad...We have started to fix a real sore spot on this club....Good trade...Now we need a few more.... :thup:

Who is Neufeld? Never heard of him. That is what you get when trading an all-star DE? Plus, you give up a second round pick in the deal, which the Riders can just use to replace that Neufeld guy? Why not just keep the second round pick yourselves and draft a Neufeld-caliber kid?

And who says it's a lock that Hall goes to the NFL? He's an older player, and that will work against him in the eyes of GM's down there.

I know Bomber fans want to see change, but speaking as a Ticat fan, I think you got royally hosed on this one.

Patrick Neufeld was our starting RT last season and was injured in training camp this year. He just started playing again the last few games. He was a RG with the UofS Huskies. You definately got a talented player.