Trade Deadline approaches

...Is there anyone out there that would help us down the final stretch???....I think the riders might be willing to do something on that front ,as it looks like they are done...BUT have they got anyone we could use ? Some of their o line guys look worse than ours :lol: ...Tristan Jackson is a pretty good return guy..????Something to ponder :roll:

MLB and KR please.

Brandon West is a better return guy.

Tristan Jackson will just be the same for us as Tim Brown. We don’t need returners who want to go lateral every time even when nothing’s there. Jackson has explosiveness - Tim Brown probably does too. Jackson has a terrible habit of going lateral and loses yardage quite often, and we don’t have the blocking on returns to do that for big gains or else Tim Brown would be doing fine.

BUT… if we could somehow get West… which I would say is definitely not going to happen… he’d be good. He’s quick, a good runner, and he’s a north-south returner. Plus he could play at RB if needed (if Garrett also gets hurt or something).

MLB could be an option.

Maybe we could trade Toronto TJH and a pick for an O-lineman…

....Must be tough for the riders to be on the outside looking in.. I guess their dynasty has officially ended ....I think it's just a matter of offering the right deal and we could obtain some help...It's kind of like picking over a corpse...BUT are we the vulture type...????Mack seems to shy away from taking on 'cast-offs' but it looks like the riders are more than disenchanted with Parenteau ...Would he help on the line...???He can play all five positions ... I hope Mr. Mack has a look :roll:

...The other 'dead-team walking' is the arenogoods....Would they consider a deal for Owens???... we need a returner...they need a receiver...How about TJ Harris and a late pic straight-up?????Maybe we could give them back the pic we got in the Jyles trade (seeing as it has fallen down the charts) ...Thoughts????

If we don't get our punting situation fixed, it will be one and done come playoff time for us! Tough on our D palying on a short field for most every game!

Saskatchewan has two good kickers in Milo and Congi who is apparently healthy again. Saskatchewan may want to trade one knowing they will lose one next year. I don't think it would matter who we have as a kick returner as our blocking schemes suck as much as they do on our O line. Are special teams are anything but special. We should just start taking the ball on the 35 yard line as our returns seldom make it to the 30. We need a New O line and special teams coach for next year.

...after Congis injury of last year (torn tendons, for a kicker that spells BIG trouble) i wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole... :thdn:

Trade acquiring Boreham from the Riders for futures. Bye bye Renaud looks like. Too bad, he was much better a couple years ago when allowed to just boot the ball, has really struggled as of late though so not a suprise at all they bring in someone to compete/replace him with.

....yep.....looks like Boreham may have kicked Renaud off the team....I was shaking my head on a few of Renauds punts this year...He looks like he lost it...Now IF he is injured that's another story...Maybe he can get rested and healed (if injured) and get back to form....Otherwise it's a pretty good move in exchange for the ol 'futures' guy...We were suffering BIG-TIME with those lousy kick-offs and placements...I know Jamie can boom em...The free ride for the opposition starting on the 45 is over :wink:.(i bet Boreham can't wait to get packed and head out of greenville :lol: )

You really think we're going to cut Renaud because we brought in BOREHAM? At the very least he'll have to beat out Renaud in practice.

The last time Boreham punted, his averages were 40.4 and 33.2 net.

Renaud's horrible punting has been in the past four weeks, where his averages are 39.3 and 32.1 net. On the season he's 42.1 and 36.6 net.

Boreham is good for an extra yard per punt on the BAD version of Renaud. Yippee.

It's just competition. Trying to get Renaud to snap out of it. If he doesn't, maybe then we'll see Boreham. Renaud is still our punter.

.....i didn't say we were going to cut Renaud...but if he doesn't improve he MAY be in trouble....Judging by todays practice and Lapos comments that could be a possibility .. When asked how Renaud did he said some kicks were good some were short????He also said that Boreham hit a couple that landed on the ten ...Could we see Boreham doing kickoffs.???I think he'll have to unseat Renaud first and that's to be determined :wink: ...(I don't think we've come close to hitting the ten all year on a kick-off) :roll:

i thought maybe bombers would sign porter or whitloc going into the playoffs.

....according to a media source at practise today...he's been quoted as saying Boreham will most likely be doing the punting and kickoffs against the Cats this FRI....hmmmmm ...i guess we'll see if he's a difference maker :wink:

Dressing two kickers, interesting.

we've been dressing two all year..

yeah, Boreham is a way better KO guy than Palardy. I guess that's an advantage he has over Renaud. I'm certainly not getting my hopes up regarding his punting, I think he's worse than Renaud, and not much better than the bad Renaud from the past few weeks.. but we do need a good KO guy. he's also like Renaud in that he's willing to go downfield and make tackles and stuff. got a good leg but he's nowhere near as accurate as Renaud when he's on his game, IMO. Oh well. Interesting to see how he does.

True.... So who sits you think ?

Palardy is safe, he'll be kicking field goals and coverts, Boreham would bump Renaud out of punting duties and take over kickoffs from Palardy.

Bombers just tweeted that Renaud will be punting!!

.....yup.....Last kick at the can i would say for Renaud...IF he stinks this one won't look good...I used to have great faith in this guy and his career...Why and how it's come off the rails is beyond me???? :roll: