Trade Corey

Since Corey is very seldom being used why not trade him to a team that can appreciate his talents. Last year was the same way. Obviously Jesse is the golden boy around here; Corey is getting roughly 3 – 5 touches a game on offence, not nearly enough. They had all off-season and training camp to figure out how to get him the ball and I guess they ignored that situation. He is remembered for his stellar play making skills in Sask a couple years back, but since then hasn’t really done much. Trade him before his career becomes average in Hamilton. Since everyone thinks Jesse is the savoir feed him the rock 70% of the game.

Trade Corey and get something this team needs. Building a team is not about getting big NAME people and hyping them up. Building a team requires finding players that fit your system and that can work together.

I would be all for that trade but holmes is too good and if we trade him there is not a team that would be willing to give us an equal skilled player in return. I just think we will have to work in Holmes more and more. Untill the coaches do that we will have to wait to see how great of a player he is in Hamilton.

Did you not watch the game last night ?

The tabbies were getting really positive gains using both Holmes and Lumsten. The Defence was confused and were unable to stop the rushes when this formation was used.

I believe this is only the beginning of this being used. The cats have taken a lot of flak for not utilizing Holmes to the point where he shows up more on kick returns than he did last year and he is being used a lot in short yardage passing plays. I believe that we will see a lot more use of #3 in the games to comes he is easily showing he still has what it takes to be a CFL allstar.

I think Corey Holmes is a great player but would be better served going to a contender. The two back set was great but it would also work with Anthony Davis.

Throw Radelin on the trade list, another guy that is being wasted. Kori Dickerson looks like a keeper although he is not Canadian, Jesse makes up for the ratio difference.

We could probably get a decent receiver or db for either of them. Corey's value to Saskatchewan is probably double that of any other team.

I say we keep him.

Hopefully this game is a wake up call to the coaches. We need to use the 2 back set a lot more often to be effective. It is deceptive, and also sets up for play action. Montreal's linebacker look quite confused on a few plays.

I also can't understand why he is not on the field more often. He is arguably the best player on our team, and he sits for half the ofensive plays.

He is not a feature back but should certainly get more touches, running and passing.

Yeah trade our best offensive player. Good call!

best offensive player who never sees the damn ball, ya mean. :x

Don't TRADE him ---- PLAY him!

What is Holmes contract status with us?

Why would want to trade one of our best players???? You already admitted that you're not going to get full value for him. Yes, we are not utilizing him, but the solution here is to start using him more, not trade him. Sheesh

Holmes re-signed on Sept. 18 of last year for a three-year deal.

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Oski Wee Wee,

Perhaps this should be shown to the "OC"! :? :wink: