Trade Corey Holmes

Seriously. I love the guy as a player. But he touched the ball 3 times last night. 2 kick returns, and 1 carry. If we're not going to use him here, we might as well get something in return for him.


No seriously, lol. I love the guy and I wish we used him ALOT more. But why bother keeping someone around who never touches the ball?

Never deal from a position of weakness. We are a desperate team and will get hosed on any deal we attempt right now.

Evidently you didn't see the previous Trade Cory Holmes thread.

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Why not rotate him or Lumsden to another position so that they can both be on at the same time?

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Be patient. I really feel they will work in Corey some more as the season continues, with him and Jesse, we really have some options, and can create new looks each week.

BC couldn't stop Lumsden last night, so I think they just kept doing what was working, and I can't really fault them for that.