Trade Corey Holmes?

I know, sounds silly but we just cannot seem to find a way to use one of the most versitile, talented players in the CFL. We have far greater needs such as finding a good cornerback to replace D. Anderson who now seems to be embrioled with his own team when he isn't getting burned by a receiver. i think Anderson's play had cost us a win. Could we not trade Corey Holmes to a western team for an experienced cornerback?

Are you a riders fan?

I don't want to trade any of our players, especially Holmes.

This team is about to turn the corner and be great.


I've been a huge supporter of Holmes and have advocated playing him more.
But---it isn't happening. For whatever reason--maybe he is over-rated, maybe he doesn't fit into our plans..--he isn't playing.
Maybe we should trade him for someone who can play a regular down.

I am all for utilizing Corey Holmes as much as possible. But maybe someone can correct me or give me some insight on his role when he was with the 'Riders.

If I remember correctly, was he not behind Kenton Keith on the depth chart at RB and mostly a special teams returner? And then he proved his value when Keith was injured and Holmes filled in admirably? So it is not like he has established a long pedigree as an every down player. I am certainly not saying this as a bad thing or a slight to Mr. Holmes.

I guess what I am trying to say is, yes it would be great for Corey Holmes to get more touches in this offence, but with Lumsden playing so well and the lack of timing in the passing game, it actually isn't very surprising to me to see Holmes on the sidelines. I say that because Lumsden is a big, every down back and even coach Taaffe has said he is impressed with Jesse's receiving, and more importantly, his blocking prowess. And blocking a quarterbacks blindside is the hallmark of a great every down running back, which is something I don't know can be said about Corey Holmes because of his size. But then again, I could be wrong.

Now would trading Holmes make sense since he isn't getting playing time? On a veteran team I would definitely say yes because it would help depth in other areas and free up SMS space. But on a young Ticats team who is in desperate need of leaders and good character players, there is still a definite need for Corey Holmes on this team.

And I am sure he will take a kick or two to the house this year to prove his on-field worth!

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Thank you for your insight.

Actually... it was quite insightful.

But what if we could trade for a Baron Simpson type safety in his youth or Orlando Steinauer at age 26?

trade Holmes!!!! You must be out of your tree. with 2 good running backs together out there, and the OL starting to gel, That running game could be a winner out there. It could be one of the good ones in the league. Its called ball control. which is what you want to keep the opposition on the field and wear them down....sometimes when I read these threads I have to shake my head at the ineptness of the knowledge of some football fans. It reminds me of the old CB rage when everyone was pretending to be something they were not.Not all, some of these threads are very insightful and very knowledgable. I enjoy reading these ones and my hat is off to them. Keep up the good work.

Trade Corey Holmes now thats as crazy as going for the two point conversion...

Clifford Ivory is sitting at home is he not?

His role? Western MVP! 3500+ yards! On a team full of first year CFLers and rookies, why is he on the bench? Get him on the field. :roll:

No BWynne, it doesn't sound silly at all. It sounds rediculous. But this happens all the time in Hamilton. Bring in a high profile player and for whatever reason they either don't play him or else they can't get the same performance from him. Same thing happened with Terry Vaughn, Kwame Cavil, Josh Ranek, Richard Karikari, Jason Mass, and by the looks of it so far, Thyron name a few.