Trade Charlie....change my name

Im sick of the little T.O wanna be, every year he does something stupid....and now were tryin to make the playoffs and he does something as childesh as this, trade him to Hamilton or better yet give his rights to the next team in Ottawa. we can find another RB without all the baggage and bitchin....henri childs will be a fine replacement. Retire? ok you do that....whats ur retirement plans charlie? buy fried chicken outlet....or maybe you can work at a grocrey store and get things off the lower shelf for people.
In the long run I loved watchin him on the feild but sick of his antics so no i dont want him to pass Leo Lewis as all time trade the fool

As a fan from another team I willput my 2 cents in here. Charles is a very good running back but the problem is when it is not going his way he starts the act. He pouts and does foolish things such as this. To bad really but I think you are right. Get something for him while he has some value and move on find a new running back that is not going to be a distraction. Right now the offense of the bombers really needs to be focused trying to get into a playoff spot and this selfish fool does this! He has done this a few times when will he grow up. To bad great talent but selfish!

Its a fine line a coach has to walk with all the egos of pro sports, Roberts needs to be stroked regularly and Berry knows it.

"What is a more disturbing visual from Bomberland than anything KK could've come up with? CFL Similies for $400, Alex."

um egos only big fellow, lets not go down that other road.

I know, but with such a hanging curveball, you can't expect someone, let alone myself, not to take a swing at it. :lol:

that being said, it does have to be very hard for these testosterone machines to be away from their wives so long, guess he was just frustrated.

If that's the case, those wives have to have some very thick skin to tolerate them during the off-season. But my guess that frustration will pretty much be relieved in last November since I gather most of the "ladies of the evening" in the 'Peg wouldn't be anything to write home about. :lol:

....Sir Charles ain't go anywhere...anytime soon....why would a team get rid of the best running back in the league ????? stunts or no stunts...he's a least till he decides to lol :lol:

Explore Glen Morris

HMMMM why would we do that......Terrel owens....hes one of the top 5 if not top 3 recivers in the NFL and most teams want nothing to do with him....and soon no one will, Charlie is just as selfish....if not so with him saying this now.....Bye Bye Charlie....I wont miss you a Blink

maybe but Roberts doesnt cost 5 million

Trade him to Toronto to get Arland Bruce back and Jeff Johnson along the way. Johnson and Childs would do a good duo while Bruce would be a solid replacement for Stegall. And Toronto will need a runer once Williams goes back to his home planet.

I totaly agree with you .....actually that sounds like a great trade......and what charlie makes or wants to make is 5 mil in cfl money

regarding the trade idea to the Argos: Thanks, but no thanks. Even when Ricky goes back to his own planet (and I'm not saying you're wrong when you say that), I'd rather have Johnson and Bruce.

Maybe they should have kept Fat Boy Smith 05.. :lol: :lol:

oh quit whining.....

Yeah i guess ishouldnt (but im not whining) u have more to to complain about over there like what sister do i impegnate or do i take the easy way out and call up old bro....gotta flat on that combine...hows that shack holding up.....with 100 acres of shit behind it...oh those are ur relitives sry......make a point or keep ur hick mouth shut


Not even that...the guy can't even spell properly, or put a sentence together properly, so how can you expect him to have any class? first I was going to erase that but I think it should stand as a testament to how downright stupid some folks can be....hopefully Charlie isn't a contributing member to the collective manitoban gene pool....