Trade Chang to Calgary for a Player..

Take From Sports net .ca
the Stamps will plan to start backup Akili Smith and look at other options, such as acquiring another quarterback.

With Buris out this great Time to Unload Timmy Chang.
Calgray will be looking for QB.
Brett Elliott Looks like Keeper
Nice Arm Good Size.
All he done is Run the Scout Team for this year.
Any QB Can do that .

We need WR Help
we need OL Help
We Need DB Help

3 Players I look at our
WR Ken-Yon Rambo
DB Julian Battle
T Jeff Pilon

I'm not sure if Calgary will be in the market for a rookie QB who has struggled. But something tells me that if Montreal is interested in trading Maas, they would be able to exact a much higher price than we did.

Why would a playoff bound team trade for a unproven/rookie QB that wont play and give up a legit starter?

Would you do it if you were Calgary? For some reason I think people forget to look from the other teams perspective.

I am not Saying it would be Chang Alone
I Give our 1st and 3rd Plus Chang
for one of the guys I brought up.

Better waiting for free agency...its not worth giving up any of our top draft picks.

As much as it pains me to say this, Chang is not a marketable commodity at the moment. I doubt if you’d get anyone of value for him from anyone.

An Argo-Cat fan

Our Canadian Tallent is fine
We have great Depth.

Our American Tallent is lacking
2 Good Canadians our worth 1 American.

This is a great example of how cheap our ownership is. They just HAD to trade maas for nothing the same day they got Printers. It was just a matter of time till somebody lost a starter and would pay more for someone like maas but nope, salary dump like always and we get next to nothing for him instead of for once hanging on and waiting. There is a reason we have the lowest payroll in the league and its the same reason we are last in the league once again.

Montreal is the team with the QB surplus
Brady, Mike McMahan, Brad Banks, AC returning any time

I don't think you can assume that teams would've been interested in Maas even if they needed someone to replace an injured starter. They see the same games we do and could see how ineffective he had become. At the most, the Cats might've gotten a fringe guy and/or a low round draft pick which is the about the same as nothing.

After his performance yesterday, you think the Als aren't having second thoughts about having acquired Maas.

An Argo-Cat fan

My point is they dumped a starter for nothing, like they always do just so they dont have to pay him another day. They hold on and for sure calgary is calling today. The fans printers brought in pay for maas for a couple extra weeks alone. They need to hold on to an asset for once, they are just too cheap to do it.

I bet Chang will end up in Montreal to replace Cavillo and he'll come into IWS one day and show all of us who ran him out of town how good of a QB he really is.

uh... who's running him out of town??? He's simpley a rookie who needs learn how to be a pro in this league. Bit cocky for a college kid to come in and tell the coach he should start. I think he's finally realizing that the CFL is not college ball. That being said... some "watch and learn time" on the sideline for both Chang and Williams is in order. In a couple of years.... they both will be truely be able to compete with Printers. The a decision will need to be made.

bwf: pay no attention to these Chang supporters.
They are like the people who wanted to give Maas more time…even up to the beginning of this month! If it was up to them we would still be looking for a second win with Maas as the #1 QB, Chang as the backup and Williams as the #3.

Forget that, keep Chang. Don't give him away yet. Printers will be injured half the year next year. What then? Develop him properly. We will have a strong unit of QBs waiting to go. Printers will be demanding a trade this time next year anyway.Keep Richie and Chang around. reported today that the Stampeders have signed former Calgary/Hamilton/B.C. quarterback Ben Sankey.

Sankey......what a signing, lol.

I agree with the theory of keeping Williams and Chang on the roster. Carrying a clipboard for a couple of seasons and playing sporadicly certainly didn't hurt Williams and I think the same is possible with Chang.

Lets not forget that Chang showed a lot of promise early in the season and in pre season.
I've seen enough from him to think the potential is there for him to eventually do well in the CFL.

Our chances of getting a playoff spot this season is like a snowball in a hot place, so lets not see the team give up guys that they have invested coaching time and patience in.

We can think about getting more talent for the 2008 team, but I feel that we'd be wise to keep the QB talent we have been grooming.

if maas was still here, williams would still be unproven.

Trading Chang would be extremely stupid..

Wake up!