Trade Caully.

Just an idea but why not trade Caully for a decent O lineman. Caully has lost his number 2 spot but still has game and I bet some teams would trade for him.

i can't see us getting very much for him.

8) Now that makes a lot of sense, trade Caully when Jesse is doubtfull as to when he may play again !!
 If anything Caully and Tre Smith are more valuable now on this team than they ever have been !!!!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well Jesse said he expects to be back next week and Caully is just wasteing away on the bench.

I’m continually amazed at posters that think we can trade players like Caully and Chang and actually get something in return. We’re talking about players that can’t crack the active roster most weeks, on the absolutely worst team in the league by a mile.

Truer words never spoken.

Heck, while we are at it why don’t we trade Taaffe too… Let’s see what he could fetch us.

Well Jesse said he expects to be back next week
Where did you hear this?

Every team has a high quality starting running back.

I'd Rather Trade Jeese..

he said it it after the game on thursday

I would disagree with that.........Edmonton and Toronto, in my opinion, don't have a "high quality" starting running back. Robertson is average at best for Toronto, same for Harris in Edmonton. Dorsey is valuable, but more as a returner.

That said, if I was running those teams, I'd be looking to Jarrett Payton or Robert Edwards before I'd trade anyone of value for a third string running back from the worst team in the league.

If we can get any draft picks or neg. list players for these guys that can't crack the active roster, I'm all ears but I doubt we can get anything.

what do you expect him to say though? His word dossnt really mean that much.


Don't trade Terry Caully.
As a transplanted "Cats Fan" (now in Calgary)
I've been following the team but not as close as in the past.
Caully has some moves that neither Lumsden nor Smith have.
I'd like to see him figure into more of the game plan.
He is not as big as the above two but built more along the lines of a "swift" back, and NO injuries to speak of.

Our best shot at talent is after the nfl cuts I guess.

you couldnt get a used car salesman for caully

Trade Caully when Lumsden can't go two games without injuring himself and Smith put the ball on the ground about 100 times while Jesse was out? No way.

Caully is a good solid back who's worth more to you in the lineup than in a trade. Most other teams are set at running back, and MadJack is right: if I were another GM, I'd be looking at guys like Robert Edwards and Jarrett Payton before I thought about trading for Caully.

Aa good o-lineman is worth a lot more than a run of the mill American RB.

Ain’t gonna happen.