Trade: Carr for O'Donnell

Tillman; the future for next years team is promising - Esks look forward for Austin Pasztor too.

Article for anyone interested. :lol:

I sure hope this O'Donnell kid is interested, otherwise we just traded a player for nothing. :expressionless:

Eskies are deep in receivers - nothing lost as Carr didn't fit. Matthew didn't want to play in Regina from the start/get go; in Edmonton..different story.

We may be deep, but I'd still like to get something for a player.

In essence it relieves pressure on the salary cap too; in hopes of a young O-Lineman, but not necessarily O'Donnell.
Edit: Pasztor - perhaps.

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O'Donnell is now an Eskimo; Eskies O-Line needs to be tweaked - it's a start in the right direction to sign Matt.
Note: Austin Pasztor has a practice roster deal with Jacksonville.

Oh when we get our hands on Pasztor too imagine!

Yeah, I just saw the article on TSN. Thank God this gamble paid off. He hope he works out. :slight_smile:

The Eskies are putting him through workouts as for prep; will be ready for Calgary at McMahon - home game vs Hamilton at the end of the month is a must win game on all fronts; it's getting late.

O' Donnel was a perfect fit for the esks plans. They want to build a young Canadian O Line. O "donnel is a true OT. currently LG Mitchel was last years 1st round draft pick. Greg wojt was the 1th overall pick in '08 signed in '09 and has been the starter at rg for 2 seasons now. steenbergen who has started at RT much of the season was a former 1st rd pick in '09. i would suspect the O'donnel will be the starting RT next season with the hopes that he can develop into the starting LT

It may not seem like it at the time but to have an Olineman that you select with a top pick spend a season on an NFL practice roster is a good thing. Here they get top NFL coaching and get a chance to go up against the top football players in North America everyday in practice. O Donnell spending last season on an NFL PR will probably have him set to start next season. Paztor currently is on an NFL practice roster and most likely will go to an NFL camp again next season with hopes that he will be released and would be another piece for the Canadian O line in 2014

Long snapper Ryan King is done for the season, suffered a seperated shoulder from the Sask. game at Commonwealth. Matt O'Donnell filled in, thus good for him. Sigh..injuries do suck, but part of the game.