Trade - Capiccotti and OL Fulton for Gaydosh and Streeter

Jamie Nye ?@jamienye 3m3 minutes ago
.@JDunk12 reporting Capicciotti and Fulton to #TiCats for DT Lyndon Gaydosh, WR Tommy Streeter and a pick. #Riders

[b]To Saskatchewan:
National DL Linden Gaydosh
International WR Tommy Streeter
2017 4th round CFL Draft selection
2017 7th round CFL Draft Selection

To Hamilton:
National DL Justin Capicciotti
International OL Xavier Fulton[/b]

Simmons and/or Lewis should be very nervous with the arrival of Fulton. Looks like there's going to be some cuts coming...or possibly further trades.

Wonder what the chance of Capicciotti getting some playing this week against the RB's?
Sorry to see Gaydosh go. He seemed to play ok when he did play.

Wow, just heard about this trade, great to see Capiccotti and Fulton become Tiger-Cats in our run for final games this season and our run for playoffs in the east.

All the best to Lindon Gaydosh, it's been good watching you as a Tiger-Cat.



Has Gaydosh been hurt this year? Has he played at all?

I wonder if they need to start another Cdn DL to make room for an international somewhere else, e.g. DB.

Gaydosh tore his achilles preparing for the 2015 season. I can personally tell you that takes a long time to heal.

This trade is an interesting one for both sides and good for the players/and future pics. 2017 just got more fun.

Then why get rid of Gaydosh, who is capable of starting and who knows the system and team, for a player who has been ineffective for the Riders? I don't see Capiciotti as an upgrade over Gaydosh. Fulton might be but I know has been injured so he'll have to stay healthy for at least the remainder of the regular season and into the playoffs. I'm assuming Ticats are going to be there as the blue guys sure aren't making any headway against the horses!
I'm not convinced this is a great trade (gave up 4 players for 2 that I think are questionable) but certainly will be happy to be proved wrong. If these turn out to be just "rental" players then the price to me seems rather high.

But he has been on the roster most of the season and has been a "healthy" scratch on several occasions. If he wasn't healthy enough to play he would have been on the 1 or 6 game IL and not taking up a spot on the active roster.

Gaydosh lost his rotational D-line spot to Atkinson, who outplayed him. Capicciotti I think is being looked at as a long-term ratio buster, as Chick isn't getting any younger. He gives the team the advantage of some ratio flexibility when inserted for specific situations.

Fulton is definitely an upgrade over Lewis. I'm not upset over the picks at all. If they even make Sask's roster, neither of them would be a starter before 2019, if at all.

He dressed for the first game of the season, then was a game day scratch for 11 straight games before being put on the 6-Game Injured List.

Capiciotti was a dominant pass rusher in Ottawa. Not sure what happened this year in Saskatchewan, but he will pressure the QB for us down the stretch this year, and beyond.

Fulton is a proven commodity on the O Line.

We get two good, experienced players for two players who may never have played here. Great trade for us.


Let's all welcome our new players to Hamilton, and wish them much success.

Capiccotti did not do well in the SSK style of defence, the same way that Shawn Lemon didn't.
With other teams having to double team Laurent on the line every play, it should lead to Capiccotti thriving for us.
We will not miss Gaydosh, unfortunately he never got on the field for us.

We picked up 2 high end starters for 2 players that have never made our lineup plus 2 late round picks.

When adding in the signings of veterans LB Keon Raymond, RB Kendial Lawrence and newly acquired REC Elliot we just got a whole lot better going into a run for the playoffs.

FYI -Trade deadline is Wednesday

Capicotti and Lemon were all stars in Ottawa, two of the main reasons why Ottawa had the most sacks in the league last year. Both duds with the Riders this year.

I have zero issues with this trade, way more excited to get Fulton in on the line but also a huge bonus to snag Capiccotti.

Just very happy in general to see that the team isn't going to settle with the current roster heading into the playoffs. We have as good a shot any coming out of the East, especially if we can grab first place.

This is a great trade for us , no doubt about it . We basically gave up 2 spare parts that weren't on the active 46 anyway for 2 ready to go able bodies that can help us immediately. The 2 draft picks included are non factors in all this as it's highly doubtful that the Riders can snag 2 starters out of these picks and they were both basically throw ins that are nothing more than futures that are unknowns at the moment. We won't miss either Gaydosh or Streeter as Gaydosh was only dressed and active for the season opener and has basically spent the better part of his time here on the IL or inactive list (10 gms played in 3 yrs) and Streeter even with all the injuries to our receivers never was deemed good enough to be promoted off the PR to the active since he arrived here even though there's been amble opportunity for him to be activated and hasn't seen any game action at all this season.

Capiccotti can help us immediately as a rotational for starters Chick and Tracy at DE and also on specials . Fulton can and should step in ASAP at the all important LT blindside position with having already 75 career starts under his belt in 5 seasons with the Riders.

All in all I'd say a pretty good fleecing in our favour in this one . :smiley: :rockin:

Will be interesting to see the depth chart for this game!!!!

Will any of the newly signed practice roster players play (Raymond, Brooks and K. Lawrence)?
Who would they replace?

Do Lutman and Robinson get activated from the practice roster (they have been here awhile) and who do they replace if they do?

Does Collaros dress and if not who comes off the 6-game to replace him?

Forgot: Do Fulton and Capicciotti play? Who do they replace?