Trade Brock Ralph Now!!!!!

Trade Brock Ralph Now, sure he make's that one big catch as he did on third down however 80% of the balls thrown his way are right on the numbers and he drops the ball and true sign of a guy with HANDS OF STONE. Trade him to Calgary so he can join his Brother and maybe for a lineman or a draft pick, whatever. Bauman is just as bad but he's a rookie, I'm sure he will learn but a vet having so many dropped catches, come on. I believe Bob Young will have to dig a little deeper into his pockets for next season if he truely wants a winner in Hamilton, raise that salary cap up around 10 million or so and we might have a winner by 2010, see ya!!!

ive been saying this ALL YEAR ( the getting rid of ralph part ).

Is he not in his option year or is it nxt season?

give this guy a chance, he reminds me of Morrele. Mikey dropped alot of balls to

Not at first...and not on his second go round.

Ralphie Boy however is good for a couple of drops a game. Plus, he's afraid to take a hit.

He'd be on the next bus outta town.

Mike has/had balls to drop. Ralph was ABYSMAL tonight. He didn't actually catch enough of them to do his usual beeline-to-the-sideline schtick.

Morreale? Always went over the middle and never ducked responsibility for his miscues. Class all the way. I would take prime Morreale over Ralph in a heartbeat. Straight up.

Oski Wee Wee,


Morrelae had guts going over the middle. A true football player.

Ralph is the re-incarnation of Craig Yest. Flat out speed and totally gutless.

Oh crap, do we have to endure this never ending litany again? Its worse than having Bratina whining!

DON'T propose problems!

Anyone with one eye, one ear and one a**hole can see them!

Prpose some solutions! And use REAL NAMES!

Now that every vet has his salary secured, its difficult to airlift in the high priced help, and remain under the salary cap...

Wjhat about making Curry and Casey and Armstead live in the same house or hotel rooms and learning their "count" or "routes" and "developing" some of the talent that is going unused?

Getting Williams twinned up with Barman in like manner?

Getting an experienced CFL OC?

But lets quit "whining" about players, this goes far deeper, and Mr Taaffe has to answer some questions to fans...

trade him to mtl with his buddy maas.

Quit bashing Ralph all the time. He made a great clutch catch in tight coverage. Do we have anyone better?


But every other team does. Ergo...

did u see everything he droped?

Great clutch catch?

It was an easy catch. A perfect pass fom Pritners. Right in his gut. He'd better catch it!

His drops were really disappointing
to just sit there and watch.
However, watching him run far up the field
and in the open, waving his hands trying
to get the QB to throw him the ball,
is even harder to watch.

brock ralph barks like DMX, and bites like bambi, this guy is soft, soft like pampers diapers, he is useless, the only reason he is in the cfl is because he is a non-import.

So propose a non-import WR with speed and better hands, rather than just whining…

jerome pathon
nate burleson

ryan thelwell
arjei franklin

brett ralph?

i agree with many responses here regarding Ralph-Malph the not so infamous wide receiver. I have watched one too many dropped passes and sideline bee-lining (when he actually catches), like tonight, to EASILY conclude he is NOT capable of playing at the CFL level. His glory days were left at the college level, never to re-surface when facing larger, faster defensive opponents. To use an old quote, (sorry ralph this will hurt), i truly believe he couldn't catch a loaf of bread if it weren't handed to him. A receiver has to be able to focus on the catch before looking at the endzone (or sideline in Ralphs case), keep posession of the caught pass, and have the grit and guts to encounter the D backs. One last point, if this were the NHL, the scout responsible for his recruitment would be fired!!