Trade bait

Corey is used differently as well. He is given the ball on the move, taking advantage of his speed.

Ranek is used more, a la Troy Davis. Handed the ball after a two-step drop and needs to use his explosive power to fight for yards and take on defenders.

Easy to take down??? Ah, no. Anyone who says he is should volunteer to try to. It would fun.

gee with Morreale wining about how much playing time he is getting. Maybe we should trade him....

Surprised at this with him being a veteran and team leader type of guy..

sour grapes there Maccaroni,. :thdn:

They should try handing the ball off to Ranek instead of this shot gun stuff...gee no one has picked up on that move yet. I guess that pitch into Ranek's feet at the goal line was his fault to? :x
Ranek will be fine!

Are you pointing at those tiny things inside your pants, livendie?

Easy to take down? Troy Davis, something is wrong with you. Ranek and Davis shouldn't even be put in the same sentence. 2000 yards in a season, twice in the NCAA. I still remember the play wear Davis did a flip over the O-lines backs and got yardage then broke about three tackles for a 30 yard gain. I am still bitter about dealing Davis.

The Little Ball of Bait. :lol:


Where is your mind there buddy? Nice comment though well thought out.

He got the thumbs down for not being the person he should be..That is a team leader and if you have a beef you do not do it a public way. you keep behind closed doors.

Mike didn't seek out the media to complain, livendie .

He merely answered a question a reporter asked him

in a straightforward and honest manner with no sign of bitterness.

A manner which you would hope a team leader woud display

A manner his team-mates can learn a lesson from.

I just don't get it. Seems like I remember all we were drafting the past couple of years were Offensive Linemen.
So where are they now?
Indeed, they r offensive.
As far as a running game - we have none. But why isn't Anthony Davis playing? Was he on the field at all last night???

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

He was, Eagle, but he didn't do much (no run blocking).

So true, but the foundation of a winning football program and the toughest commodity in the CFL.