Trade bait

personally i think we need to trade some1 for one of our weekest spots on the team...the d-line. It is supposed to be one of the best d-lines in the league but i dont see anything impressive. So i think ranek doing absolutely nothing this season would be perfect for trading. All Mass does is feed him ittle passes and he gains little yards.

Who is going to trade for Ranek? Name one team that would want him, and secondly... name a team that would give up anything for him based on the way he has played.

And what do we do should Holmes gets hurt again? You need a running game to keep the pass coverage honest?

Give it time it has only been 5 games.

anyone remember what we got Terry Vaughn for?

some late round draft pick.

he's arguably been our best/ most reliable receiver this year thus far.

an RB who is in a slump won't garner much return when pretty much every team in the league has a decent running game/RB.

(Going west to east: Antonio Warren, Troy Davis, Joffrey Reynolds, KK, Charles Roberts, (us), Ricky Williams/John Avery/Jeff Johnson, whoever ottawa's RB is... :wink: and Robert Edwards/Eric Lapointe. Who needs a struggling RB from us?)

Excuse me, but have I missed something?

Our Defensive Line is our biggest asset...

We are terribly betwixt and between at the linebacker/corner positions, which places enormous pressure on the "youthful" defensive backfield...

Periodically, these guys do in fact get it together and make something that is very difficult for the competition to try anything, and are "gelling" as a unit, provided the O Side doesn'y have them hung out to dry for 35-40 minutes a game...

The O-Line is a shambles, lets admit that, and we have faced teams well trained against Ranek's style of running straight up the gut, so plainly he has not enjoyed anything like success, nor would have George Reed in his prime, or anyone else you want to name...

Until the O-Line gets it together cand allows either Maas or Eakin to challenge defences "vertically" instead of the silly little dump passes (and until Julian adlein gets his health back, that he can crash through short yardage demands), the running game is badly hampered, in spite of Corey Holmes's best efforts.

Davis is attractive,but Ijust don't see where he can be any more productive than Ronek and Holmes, and if we promote him to playing status, we need so sit someone off the lineup...I know a bunch of you would like to "sit" Boreham if not Flemming, but the newbie kicker has got to prove a lot more before that starts to happen, let alone our punting needs a rebuild, because its costing us big time...believe the ST's can cover punts and kicks, just let us get some "DISTANCE" where we need it...

Okay, thanks for letting me gout off at the mouth like a soup sandwich; I can be right on things, equally I can be wrong!

It's the offensive line. Once they get their act together Ranek's numbers will improve.

Besides, Ranek's only got 5 games under his belt with us. Give the guy at least one season. We're not even a third of the way into it yet.

Also remember that touchdown he scored against Montreal. He can run routes and has good hands.

Also remember he's been inujured for most of the year, and may even be hurting still.

Any talk of trading Ranek is way too premature.

Give it time, and give Anthony Davis an oppurtunity to prove himself and then you may never know.

we have anthony davislets not forget the big ten rushing leader... and we have holmes, ranek could be used is sask or even bc.. think abuot it, but i say our weakest is db's still we need better depth i n tht area.

I would rather have Ranek than Warren.

agreed, warren is good but i tihkn ranek is the better back.. jus i think we r using him wrong.. the way we did brazzel when he spent his time here..

I think if we do trade, we should try to get a GOOD canadian offensive lineman (a tackle preferably)

captain kirk said this...It's the offensive line. Once they get their act together Ranek's numbers will improve. Well if its the offensive line how come cory holmes can get yards rushing and ranek cant?

I wouldn't give up just yet on Josh Ranek. I strongly suggest that he is still injured although, if this is the case, the front office isn't talking about it.
Our offensive line, I'm guessing, is more condusive to Holme's running style than Ranek's, but I think Ranek will eventually come around.

I've seen enough flashes of the 'Gade's Ranek that I don't think I'd be making any premature decisions on his tenure with the team yet. Besides, import RBs on 1-4 teams are usually not that highly sought after unless they're legit stars which Josh Ranek isn't---yet. Give him time. He's still young, never suffered any serious injuries, and has had good years in the CFL. Also, the O-line seems to be a lot better at pass protection than blocking for the run. I'd love to see what he could do behind say, the Als O-line led by a veteran like Chu.

An Argo fan

Kenton Keith is being charged with agrevated assault. Any professional sports team would suspend a player like that- with pay- until he is either found guilty(at which point he is released) or innocent(inserted back into the lineup). Saskatchewan will probably follow this process, meaning that Ranek could possibly go to Saskatchewan IMO.

Ranek is like Troy Davis, short and slippery but EASY to take down-- use Holmes put Ranek on punt returns!!

Let's not start getting on Ranek.
The O line has not played up to par yet, and the timing is still off. I think Ranek is still hurting. He'll come around.
What we need is a quality Canadian tackle. This would free up another import spot....maybe for a free safety. :cowboy:

theres nothing wrong with our safteys.

Ranek's hands can't be trusted on punt returns and he isn't elusive nor fats enough. One thing that can't be overlooked is that Ranek's a decent blocker and that'll be important against the Als.

An Argo fan

One on one, Ranek is hard to tackle: he runs low and people bounce off of him once he has built up a head of steam. His problem is he's been running into a crowd too often - no head of steam, lots of tacklers in the way.

Holmes is an entirely different type of runner, and he's also been given more chances to run outside with his speed. It's not like he's getting 15 yards every time he touches the ball either - a few longer runs have inflated his average and he got most of his rushing yardage in that first game (85 yards or something like that?).

NO TRADES AT RB YET! It's time for that line to start moving some people.

Three things:

  1. Ranek starts the game and he wears down the D for most of the game before Corey comes in with a completely different style of running.

  2. Corey's number of rushes is not significant enough to really get a true evaluation of his rushing results vs. Ranek's

  3. Ranek's been running hurt.

Cprey Holmes is more valuable to the team as our primary returner than he would be at starting RB.

Platooning the two backs has been working well, but we still need to see more before a realistic conclusion can be drawn.