Trade Bait - DeMarco or Glenn

Who is on the chopping block?

In my mind Burris and Glenn give the RB's a deadly combo not only being Grey Cup contenders for the past two years but for bringing blue-chip talent to the team over free agency.

That leaves using DeMarco as trade bait to a QB starved team. Considering Winnipeg is probably willing to give up an arm, a leg, Jets tickets and a Manitoba travel package to secure a QB that has some proven ability. I feel like its in the RB's best interest to go for Jason Vega or hell, even bringing Korey Banks back to the capital city.

I think we have a serious upper right now to clean out some of Winnipeg's remaining talent.

With the SC going up Ottawa may be able to afford keeping both veteran QB’s. I don’t believe Glenn has a real high contract. You can never have enough good QB’s as they are always getting dinged sometime or other through out the season.

I agree with your first sentence. The RedBlacks would be incredibly smart to keep Glenn and Burris both, no need to trade either of those away.
Not sure if I agree with your overly positive closing sentence...only because I am not so sure Winnipeg BB's have any remaining talent. (and I'm from Winnipeg).

I'd imagine that Glenn will be the one moving on.

I'd imagine that as a CFL verteran he'd like to start... especially on an expansion team. He's also probably pretty bitter that he went from being the assumed started for the 'Blacks to second fiddle. Would you blame him if he asked to be traded? Kevin Glenn... starting QB for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (again)!

I wouldn't blame him, but I'm not sure I would accommodate him, either.

That is the big question what will the shake out be. Surely Glenn would like to start but so far no one knows what is going on behind closed doors.

As for Demarco, no one will trade for him. He was a nice expansion draft selection but was really no impressive at all last season. Sure BC talked him up all pre season because they had no one else. But when it came down to it they eventually were desperate enough to trade for Buck Pierce.
In fact you can bash on Winnipeg all you want but while under Walters they traded away two imports that were not coming back for two Canadian potential starters that are young and have a great upside

Oh, I plan to! :twisted: