[Trade!] Argos Ship Mike McMahon To Montreal.


haha to Jason Maas.

it doesnt say wat round the draft pick is in

It may be a conditional pick.

Well, I wonder which Qb will be released? Calvillo will likely be put on the 9-game IR, so they will have 4 QBs...unless there is a move to the PR.

Wow, Calvillo may be done.

Shoulder and back problems may have ended his career.

Montreal really wants a QB.

Looks like Montreal is stocking up on guys who can't play and who have big salaries. It also looks like AC won't be back this year. His rotator cuff tear must be worse than they let on initially.

An Argo-Cat fan

Or Maas failed the physical (shoulder).

Would that make us dirty dealers like the Eskies?

Maas is on the sidleine right now wearing #16.

I don't think it makes us dirty dealers..his shoulder injury was all over the media if Popp didn't know about it then thats his mistake..cause my grandmother probably knows.

I wonder what Brady will be thinking when he gets the news at halftime. It's his first start in...hmmm...(ever?) and his GM acquires another QB.

far as I am concerned McMahon would be 3rd on the depth chart...


not counting AC cause far as I am concerned his year is done..

If Maas failed his physical, the Als didn't do their due diligence. Too bad.

An Argo-cat fan

Note to Jim Popp ... there is a kid on the Practice Roster in Buffalo ... see what kind of DEAL you can swing to GET HIM ...



haha anyone see Montreal aquiring Akli Smith in the next 24hours? Since they've taken castoffs.

Mcmahon is good, once he learns the CFL game and how to read a defence he will be an MVP calibre q.b in this league.

Id say he will be a TOp contender! if not! MTL is just getting come compitission in there! thats good makes people wana work hader for the stating bigger paying job! If Maas dont endup making it! I hope he can go back home to his wife! he's a great guy!

ahaa no he's not.

Here is an interesting excerpt from Perry Lefko's report on sportsnet.ca today about the Argos' trade of Mike McMahon to the Alouettes for a sixth round choice in the 2008 CFL Draft. He speculates that Jason Maas may be on the move again.

"With four healthy quarterbacks on their roster, the likelihood is the addition of McMahon may trigger a deal for Mass. Five teams were interested in Mass, mainly as a backup, when the Tiger-Cats made the deal with Hamilton."

If Lefko turns out to be correct, it will be interesting to see what the Alouettes receive in return for Maas.

After the way Brady played today, I think he will be the starter. Popp would be a fool to go any other way next week.

I would call that a personal attack and you should be banned from these forums for it.

Suppose to be a 6th rounder. I think Argos got the best of this deal. :lol: