tracy hamm

I notice that Tracy is not listed on the football operations anymore. Did this just happen? Wasn't he the Ti Cat quarterback scout?

On another note: will the Ti Cats (I assume Obie) bring in another quarterback this year to challenge for #3? Should they?

My Guess with us Fireing Marcel.
Tracy Was also Let go..

Why not bring in another guy? Will Timmy even show up to camp? Considering he was thinking of going back to hawaii after week 2 because he wasn't getting enough pt.

Ham worked for us for one year and didn't uncover one QB prospect. At least not one that made the papers.

And speaking of Chang, does anyone think might be dealt before the draft on Wednesday (maybe in a package that includes Radlein) for draft picks or another player?

Who the %$#@##b would want a weak armed, immobile QB with a bad attitude who was a poor #3 QB on a 3-15 team?

Wanting to play is not a bad attitude. And what Montreal has a bunch of strong armed q.b's? Toni's arm is shot and the other q.b is Marcus Brady. Nuff said.

I don't know where you're getting any of this BS from. Chang never once displayed a bad attitude on the field, on the bench or elsewhere. Weak armed? He had a rocket for an arm. Not the most accurate, but can throw VERY far. Immobile? Not exactly Kerry Joseph, but not exactly Danny McManus either. He has the capability to run if he has to.

Chang came in to relief for a few games last year and performed admirably. As for his starts, the coaching staff threw him into the lions den (no, not BC) against a very complex and tough Argo defense. He was thrown off consistently in that game and it effected his performance. You have to remember he's a CFL rookie last year.

The kid will be good. Don't let a poor start make you think otherwise.

I wouldn't completely give up on Chang after a couple starts, on a poor team, in his first season.

No his NFL Scouting reports..S.I for one
"ANALYSIS: A passer that.s taken full advantage of the system he plays in, Chang possesses marginal upside for the next level. Does not have the arm strength or stature to play in the NFL, though he could be an asset as a practice squad passer."

Google Timmy Chang...there are more.

He complained to no end when he got dropped as the no. 2.

BTW, I'm old enough to remember when Danny Mac when he was Changs age, he wasnt Printers but he was mobile and creative in the pocket.

Chang was a tackling dummy in the pocket last year.

Chang wont play a down in the CFL this year, except for holding for FGs and extra points.

Why??? Cause he is that bad

What did the scouting report on Doug Flutie and Warren Moon say???

Stop it!!! You’re making my ribs hurt from laughing so hard. Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, Danny Mac and… Timmy Chang!!! Do we see something that doesnt belong here?

Scouting report on Doug Flutie said, heisman trophy winner, too short for NFL.

Scouting report on Moon said, got the stuff, too black for NFL.

I just sprayed my computer screen with a mouthful of OJ. Thanks...

I don't think he's saying that Chang is Moon or Flutie. What he's trying to say is that NFL scouting reports and CFL scouting reports are two totally different things. Both leagues look for different styles, sizes and player traits.

FYB. we ever hook up for brown pops, first round is on me. :wink:

What scouts say is quaint. Opportunity knocks, and what you do with what said opportunities tells the tale. Exactly re Flutie and Moon.

Does Chang have a future? This is the friggin' CFL! You stick long enough, ding ding fifth bell can be answered. Damon Allen was buried, unearthed, buried, re-animated, "isn't he Marcus's brother'd" etc. etc. etc. for every truck stop along the CFL he went along and all he did was DO in sufficient numbers to be Hall of Fame-bound. Nice jewelry on his fingers, incidentally... :wink:

Until Chang is jettisoned into some Arena Football door-opener backup status, I'll hold off on the the "stick a fork in him" routine.

I saw Kevin Feterik take snaps on TSN until my eyes bled with "oh the humanity" LMAO.

If and when Timmy hits the field again, he better show something other than Jordan Younger INT-bait. His time in Hamilton = what he puts in to improve the team (read scout team duty and working hard in practice) until the next bell for him gets answered. I figure he has to compete in camp because a new QB recruit will be brought in to challenge him.

If he rises up to the occasion and keeps the clipboard, good on him. My armchair money is on Printers and Williams to lead the way out of camp. Whatever Timmy does is a bonus, frankly.

In recent years, Ben Sankey was a guy I could look at and say he was a good third QB -- eminently serviceable to come in at any point and not frig up (as to third-QB expectations). In Regina, Rocky Butler did that very well, IMHO. Is that Timmy's niche?

We shall see. I've seen enough football in my time not to gas a guy for having ONE atrocious start in the big two-whopping start career. LOL

Yes, I am waiting for the CFL Draft on Wednesday and the start of training camp so the blather will cease and real camp-related evaluation will occur. I am hopeful that Obie will bring in a fourth QB at least to push Timmy and the rest.

Oski Wee Wee,