Tracy Ham!

Darian Durant mentored by Tracy Ham on our coaching staff anyone? Just dreamin'....

Ham I think needs to be an assistant , being assigned to a specific position first. he needs some experience in the CFL as a coach before you just make him a HC or the OC.

My choice would be Jeff Garcia.

That would go cool

My choice is still Danny McManus. Cool headed, easy going, smart and savvy, good leader, good potential to move up, sharpness about the game like Dave Dickenson.

I agree with Danny Mac, forgot all about him. Think he would make a great OC.

McManus, the interception machine, mentoring a QB who already has problems reading coverage? Not my first choice. :wink:

man danny mac threw sooooooooooooooo many picks lol

Yeah, I don't know about Danny Mac. Loved hime as a player though!

Ham I is interesting, but I don't know too much about him. Archer is another name I threw out earlier (QB coach maybe).

Garcia woudl be interesting if he is interested.

I also wonder about Milt at times. I sometimes scratch my head at him, but he seems to like the idea of using the players to their ability, and that is something the Riders need, especially a guy like DD.

Here is from another thread a while back:


Now I admit, I would take some of those names off of that list upon thought, but guys like Ham, Archer, Garcia...they would still be interesting to look at.

He also won championships despite being a lot less mobile than Durant. He know the game and shows a cool head at all times, an asset for someone like Durant. Most importantly, he was a good leader who was admired and respected by his teammates, including one Darren Flutie, who served with him on at least 3 different teams, FOR A REASON.

With all due respect to all posters, Durant needs a guy to help him with the mental part of his game, not the physical part. That's why I would prefer to have guys like McManus, Dickenson, and Garcia working with DD. Lancaster served up a lot of picks, too, on the playing field. Then he went on to be an excellent broadcaster, and had a lot of success as a HC in Edmonton and Hamilton. He was a respected leader by his teammates and players, and continued to be a fierce competitor on the field and the sidelines.

If all you're looking at is his INT's, I don't want you running my team. His body of work includes a lot more than that. Take a look at under Football Hall of fame. McManus won Grey Cups as a QB with Winnipeg, BC, and Hamilton. If you're so into Stats, you will note that his most productive years on the field were at the end with Hamilton. Oddly enough, some, if not all of those years, were served under a head coach named Ron Lancaster, a former QB who was also noted for serving up lots of INT's. Oddly enough Danny Mac also threw a lot of big balls to one Darren Flutie, who just happened to have a lot of success on the field playing with one Danny Mac, on at least 3 different teams. How's that for stats? Check a few of those out for yourself. More than a pure athlete like Ham, Nealon Greene, or Michael Bishop, I want a heady guy like McManus, Dickenson, or Garcia, working with Durant on the sideline with his mental game. He already knows how to run around and be a pure athlete. Just my opinion, and I give it with all due respect.

Durant doesn't need help with some vaguely defined mental component of his game. He needs to get better at reading coverage. Danny McManus, a pylon who threw more INTs than TDs over his career, is hardly the man to do it IMO. Without Darren Flutie, McManus wouldn't have amounted to much.

OK, so you dislike McManus and everything he stands for. Fine. And I happen to think that learning to read coverages involves at lot of pre-game film work and mental preparation. I guess we can agree to disagree.

Wow, so learning to read coverages doesn't involve pre-game work with coaches and mental preparation. I think a good number of QB's and coaches would disagree with you. So let's just agree to disagree.

Durant does have some minor Mental issues,

he's not confident in his arm, he's feeling anxious and will not throw the ball quickly.

he also tends to zero in on his target and give the defense his first throw.

he needs to build his confidence and I believe that Miller will definitely help with that.

Every arguing about Danny Mac knows he (a) doesn't want to be a coach; and (b) is currently a scout for the Ti-Cats, right? If everyone is talking about hypotheticals, I apologize for taking it seriously, but McManus isn't leaving Hamilton to coach Durant in Saskatchewan.

And leave D&P alone, he's still mad about 1998 and 1999.

? Me confused.

I think we should hire away the whole TSN CFL panel. Randorf as GM, Matt Dunigan HC, Climie OC and Milt as receivers coach, Schultz as DC. :lol:

I pray that is a joke