Tracy fined for hit on Willy

And when Collaros got injured, there was a ref not three feet away. There was no penalty on that dirty hit.

That one was much easier to spot then the one on Willy. He was on his way down on the play. Tracy needed to be an expert on body movement to avoid the penalty on that play.

Where was all this diligence and concern when our quarterback was put out of the game????

Finally had a chance to rewatch the game, and the hit.

I hate saying I was wrong but Tracy did lower his head.

Originally in my little brain saw Tracy getting low to beat the OL but he didn't. He flat out beat him and was upright before meeting the qb. He was around the OL so fast he could see Reed with his hands on the willy lol.

As a side note I've already took about 3-4 screen shots of bummer players leading with the crown and as soon as I learn how to paste a picture I'll post them.

After the hits he took, I find it incredible that Drew Willy is listed as day to day. I fear that his team is trying to rush him back as their backups are not sufficient.

But, their inadequate coaching and scouting should not have any impact on how Willy's medical issue should be treated.

Some independent opinions should be sought here.

He has cleared all the CFL,s Concussion Protocol Im sure hes not being forced/rushed/coerced the hit looked worse than it actually was

Fully disagree with the fine accident at best!

That's why it is a fine not a suspension. We have to find a way to reduce these accidents. CFL is totally dependent on the play of their starting QB's because there is no off season OTA and six days of week of practices and development programs for backups like there is in the NFL. In most instances losing your starting QB in the CFL and your season is over with all that implies financially and for the fans as well.

I'm not even opposed to whistling the play dead once the QB is touched. I know its drastic and takes a lot away from what we are use to thinking of football But I don't need to see a QB wobble back up to know the defense got to him.

Any honest DC will tell you the same thing. We don't want to injure the QB but we want to intimidate and make him pay (inflict pain). That's why most of the "accidents" happen.

Some experts in the field are questioning Willy's return so quickly also. :expressionless:
Tape an aspirin on his forehead and send him back in is not acceptable anymore!

World-renowned concussion expert says Bombers on thin ice with decision to bring Drew Willy back quickly from head injury

[b]It was a violent head shot that produced a concussion with significant symptoms.

Yet, Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Drew Willy, who appeared to be knocked cold in the game against Hamilton last week, hasn't missed a single practice and is scheduled to play against Montreal, Friday.

A miracle recovery, or a symptom of an ongoing problem in professional sports?

A world-renowned expert on concussions says the Bombers are just the latest example of a pro team not taking head injuries seriously enough.

Dr. Charles Tator, director of the Canadian Sports Concussion Project in Toronto, says far too often teams don't follow the six steps for a return to the field – steps that are supposed to take a day, each.

Willy and the Bombers took three days off before returning to work on Monday.

Tuesday, coach Mike O'Shea said Willy was medically cleared to play.

“Not good enough,? Tator told the Winnipeg Sun from his Toronto office, Tuesday. “They're on thin ice... because the evidence is overwhelming that if you get another concussion before you are fully recovered from the previous one, the results are that much worse.?

Willy took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Tiger-Cats lineman Adrian Tracy late in the first quarter, and lay motionless on the turf for several minutes as concerned players from both teams gathered around.

Eventually, the 28-year-old was helped off the field by the team's medical staff. He didn't return.

“Drew's tough,? O'Shea said after the game. “All our fans, everybody understands that Drew Willy's a tough guy.?

It was an old-school approach from a coach who acknowledges he's old-school when it comes to injuries.

But there's no place for it in the new school on concussion.

“Even tough guys have fragile brains,? Tator said. “We don't know what a tough brain is. Maybe the coach could explain what a tough brain is.?

The Bombers, like they do with all injuries, won't divulge any specifics, or even acknowledge Willy suffered a concussion.

Tator quickly puts that question to rest, with the accepted definition of concussion as “any mental symptoms following a blow to the head or a blow to the body.?

“And certainly unconsciousness absolutely qualifies,? he said. “So if he's lying motionless, that's because he's unconscious, not because he's tired. And therefore by that very symptom... equals concussion. No doubt.?

On Monday Willy denied being knocked out, saying he remembered the entire incident.

That claim was met with raised eyebrows, even from former players like Doug Brown, who said via Twitter (@DougBrown97), Tuesday, “.. if you don't believe he was K.O'ed last week, I have a bridge to sell u.?

In the end, it's academic.

At the very least, Willy was stunned.

“Stunned is a mental symptom,? Tator said. “That's a concussion, too. The diagnosis of concussion has been broadened. In the old days that meant loss of consciousness, but that's out the window.?

So is the idea of going back into the game.

The CFL's concussion protocol calls for any player diagnosed with one to be removed from the game and not return.

The Bombers clearly followed that protocol, despite Willy's attempts to convince them otherwise.

“That would have been dumb,? Tator said. “Absolutely to their credit. Because in the old days he would have been back.?

It's here, though, where things get murky.

While the league's protocol does include a six-step return to play – including a gradual increase in exercise and contact – it allows for modifications “based on the player's individual circumstances.?

And it doesn't attach a time frame to the six steps.

“Adherence to those guidelines is spotty at the professional level,? Tator said. “No doubt about that.?

Accelerating the six-step process is a non-starter, though, where Tator is concerned, unless future research proves otherwise.

“I'm not happy with any deviation from that,? he said. “It's just inconsistent with the best evidence of how to get better after a concussion.?

The Bombers were invited to share the steps they went through and to respond to Tator's concerns, but declined.

Their coach, meanwhile, says he has changed his attitude over the years.

“You have to look at the players and make sure they're being honest with themselves, really,? O'Shea said. “Instead of just lauding them for making decisions for their teammates, you have to think about and be more concerned about what's really going on, possibly. Possibly.?

Oh, something went on, all right. That much was obvious.

What happens in the days to follow have nothing to do with being tough.

Willy's teammate, receiver Nick Moore, called his quarterback “a warrior? for taking part in practice, Monday.

The old school remains in session.

“I would say he's not-compliant with the best scientific evidence we have,? Tator said. “We're trying to prevent brain damage.?[/b]

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Here is the rule in combat sports for knockouts. 2 days off is a joke.

Minimum of 45 days to 90 Day Medical Recovery Suspension.
It is the responsibility of the Events Licensed Medical Doctor - Ringside Physician to evaluate the severity of the KO and while still at the event, issue a medical suspension of a minimum of 45 days to the fighter knocked out or stopped.
This is to assure that the fighter has time to recover from the Knock Out or blows suffered and be evaluated by a licensed Medical Doctor to assure they are able to fight again and when.

So if concussed again against Montreal, let’s hope that Willy does not have to retire due to ‘medical’ reasons. His health is much more important than any football game. It is sad that it ‘might be’ at risk. :frowning:

If forced to retire, add him to the growing list of players who will be suing the league over their poor policy of protecting their most valuable asset, their players.

O’Shea is so concerned about his job, that he is willing sacrifice a player’s future and health,

What a scum.

It's amazing I always knew that the officiating stunk in this league but this year it was finally looking at getting better with the new rules added. Now the CFL office of officiating is starting to act just as bad on calls, in NO way was the hit by Tracy on Willy even close to an intentional helmet hit and should not be fined, as a matter of fact the hit by the Argo defender on Edmonton QB Reilly was way more of a dangerious and intentional hit but NO fine was issued?

Simple ARGO sucking up by the CFL Again, NUFF SAID!!


Lets be real here holy, the hit looked a lot worse than it was, Willy didn't even suffer a concussion. I Guess Dr. Charles Tator can give medical advise without even being in the same city as you hes great!! :expressionless:

This is "FOOTBALL" not soccer...talking about touches and such...why not bring in the "DIVES" next...and some soap operas.

Dr. Tator is an expert in this field. Can we say the same for those making the call in Willy's dressing room???

Who were they and what are their qualifications??

"This is "FOOTBALL" not soccer...talking about touches and such...why not bring in the "DIVES" next...and some soap operas."
These players, even the best ones, are not paid a whole lot considering the risks they are taking.

These same people have families to take care. Heaven knows how short some of these careers are and they will still have to work and find another profession once their days in sports are over.

Show some respect for what they go through to entertain us.

Yada..Yada...we all have families and some of us do high-risk jobs for a hell of allot less then these players make...thank-you for the cute, political correct comment...see you at "synthesized swimming"...a nice safe sport !!

And what high risk job do you do???? Tough man!!!

You better watch out! He might know "Gorilla Warfare". :lol: :lol: :lol:

(profanity alert - but hopefully you won't be offended by it) :wink:

[url=] ... la+Warfare[/url] :cowboy:

These people have little or no regard for anyone else's health or welfare but their own.

Often times, those who talk the toughest are the least capable of backing it up. They remind me of the little yappy dog. A lot of noise....but.....