Tracking 'Cats Advertising in '09

Been hearing Ti-Cat commercials on the Fan 590 this week on the Landry/Stellick show. I don't remember hearing them on 590 in previous years.

Last year I saw a 'Cat billboard on Hwy. 24 between Brantford and Hamilton.

So - since we aren't privy to what the marketing gurus are doing - it might be interesting to figure out the marketing schemes by tracking when and where we see ads- especially those not in Hamilton specific media.

Any other sightings/hearings out there?

Wilf- anything up in Elliot Lake? Willy- in Japan? :slight_smile:

A couple of billboards in Burlington

where I have not seen any ?

That's what I'm asking, Tom. I live in Cambridge so the radio spots I mentioned are the only clue that I have about any marketing efforts. It would be fun to track where the team feels that they have the best shot at moving attendance upward again.