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Please no! Good move on him!

On the subject of free agents, I saw a tweet that said Tillman won't overpay for one. Hopefully that means he won't break the bank for a certain receiver that we don't really need.

Another tweet said Tillman wouldn't mind seeing Kabongo back at a lower price. Not sure I agree there seeing as how the guy gets half a doesn't penalties a game. lol

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Jason Barnes - SB has been released (bit of a surprise to me). It'll be interesting when Free Agency heats up later; Fantuz in Green and Gold? The O-Line needs to be addressed so to speak; we could lose Rod Davis as well on the D side of things, thus hope Greg Peach stays.

I can see Barnes rejoining Ray in Toronto. .. lord knows they need some receivers for Ray to throw to . ..

While it would not be good for Edmonton to lose either of them, were I the man in charge, Davis would be my priority over Peach.

I read some where that some players on Edmonton ("MAYBE" -[but not "QUOTED"] are disgruntled after the Ray trade went down, so could Barnes be one of them?, who knows, but I agree Jason will excell in Toronto with Ray. As for Davis; as far as I understand there is an offer on the table, with that been said I think a couple players in B.C. will be on the move too.

Backer and all it sucks rotten eggs that Barnes is leaving, but hey certainly we can't blame him if he's disgruntled about Ray being gone.

Even so now we have to replace that lost capability at receiver, for with Stamps, Bowman, and Barnes in there we had the best receiving corps in the league.

The whole was greater than the sum of these parts too. :frowning: :thdn:

I believe it was Dave Campbell who said on Twitter that Barnes wants to examine his NFL options before deciding if he wants to re-sign with Edmonton. Campbell said Edmonton signed him to a one-year plus option deal and agreed to release him in the option year if he wanted to test free agency. Bit of an odd situation, but it doesn't sound like there's any bad blood.

Barnes and the NFL?

My guess is that he has the hands and agility and maybe the routes to play the slot, but he does not have the size to play out wide.

Most defensive backs weigh as much or more than does he and will jam him off his routes easily.

About the released players Tillman did say that he would like to go with younger players. Fantuz is 28 (but still has talent)
For Fantuz; $150,000 - $170,000 if the Esks are thinking at all about Andy. Mind you WR Greg Carr of Winnipeg may be an option to consider?

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Two more players signed to attend training camp in Edmonton.

Greg Carr you would think has potential if he can keep a head about himself and improve those hands.

We've seen him drop too many balls after his famous debut in Winnipeg in 2010 when running for touchdown on a quick slant and then doing a flip into the end zone to injure himself. For a guy with that frame and those tools, you would think he would be far more dominating right?

He has the frame, size, hops, and some speed, but I sure hope he does something about that head and hands of his before we would to get him in Edmonton. He better be able to run more routes well than "go" and "quick slant" too.

I like what I am reading on Erickson for the OL, for he has playing experience behind an NFL practice roster.

If Domino at his size 6-3 235 is fast enough to cover the run and the pass as an LB in the CFL, he would be a real terror compared to a CFL linebacker of often smaller size.

Also I would wonder about his pass-rush skills off the edge in any blitz packages.

From below, well go figure Freeman goes to the NFL to Indianapolis after it appears Mitchell had a peep at Miami and turned back readily to BC.

I sure hope Lawrence, who went undrafted in 2010 and was picked up by the Eagles and cut during camp, can come close to measuring up to Freeman.

Defensive Scouting I LB The free agent tracker has not yet been updated, it looks now from the very last line of yesterday's new that also Khalif Mitchell of BC is off to the Miami Dolphins: ... le2295428/

The fact that Tillman scouted and signed Lawrence seems to mean he does not want Freeman and/or that Freeman is too expensive.

More on the awful history at the LB position for the Colts let alone the entire defence: [url=]viewtopic.php?f=15&t=60281[/url]
I like what I am reading on Erickson for the OL, for he has playing experience [u]beyond[/u] an NFL practice roster.
Correction from below.

With the recent free agency news on Khalif Mitchell at DE and on Jerrell Freeman and Simoni Lawrence at LB, any news on the following positions with needs to fill?

I DE Though we are loaded at DE, why not go after Aaron Hunt for a minimum contract term? On that note I wonder how good is the December signing, Steven Friday, as a pass rusher?

If we are shopping for NI DT, we can dump Sterling Dee due largely to extensive injury the last two seasons.
How about this guy Don O?:

For I DE; I think Tillman will continue bringing guys in that are scouted?
On the NI DT; Unfortunate for Dee Sterling on injuries, but on that note does have great potential and should be around at the start of training camp.
I'm wondering who the Esks will draft at the second pick?, as it is O-Lineman deep.
Two I have in mind are Ben Heenan OL Sask. 6'4", 310 Lbs. and Shamawd Chambers REC Wilfrid Laurier 6'3", 219 Lbs.

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Skookum; 4 released, one signed


Like Bauman?

I think Chief may be referring to Fantuz as a receiver the Esks don't need?
As for Bauman; I read it somewhere (but don't quote me on it) perhaps took up to a 30% pay cut in Calgary.

Esks are making a lot of moves again. they seem to really want to get Fantuz.

you guys should be happy that they released Kabongo.