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On the otherhand instead of me being a little surprised; a neutral thing is perhaps not too bad.
Lots of potential in Grant Shaw (who is a kicker more so) to be groomed by Duval on the punting side of things. The Esks had a great season on net punting with the Special Teams unit being in position coverage that Duval provides on the strength of his leg and the coffin corner. Not sure if Duval has more than one more year on his contract deal; a year for Shaw on punting tech. from Duval is positive, thus with 2 Fieldgoal kickers is O.K. also if they go this route.

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Kerry Joseph inked a contract extension.

It sounds to me with a contract with a load of incentives on playing time and on the number of starts that this contract was done for insurance purposes more than anything else.

Basically if all the contenders brought into camp do not look great in the overall initiative to push Jyles to measure up and earn the starting spot, Joseph will be retained as insurance for the back-up spot over the high risk that comes for any marginal rookie as far as playing time (i.e. no one wants another Chris Leak disaster if it can be avoided even with a backup well past his prime).

Otherwise Joseph will be cut as is my bet and wish at this point.

In truth I think Jyles will win the starting job in TC next season as it stands right now. But here perhaps is a twist down south in Calgary; the Huffer states he would like/want a veteran QB along with Tate. The Burris camp says they are talking with one other team besides Hamilton, perhaps/maybe it is Edmonton. There is cash available; IMO I don't think the Eskies should make a pitch for Fanuz, but instead get Henry Burris here to suit up in Green & Gold. With a re-constructed contract for Henry along with Jyles/Nichols/Ward = Skookum. I must say though it's a New Years wish....ect.

McCarty re-signed, good news.

Burris is Hamilton bound, details later in the week.
A big sour New Years wish that I shouldn't have mentioned on my part too. :oops:

I'm glad. Why would Edmonton go after a declining QB when it just traded a QB that many (rightly or wrongly) say is passed his prime?

When I first read the above Quote by Paolo X is why I wrote my thoughts on Burris in the first place. I thought Burris is more of an upgrade than Joseph as both are 37ish. But Yea, in all likelyhood there perhaps would have been problems in the dressing room. On that note: no pun intentended towards Joseph/and or Burris.

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Important signings of these two FA; Koch and E. Legare. :thup:

Any word yet on Rod Davis or Greg Peach?

Well I feel Peach is much needed and the Esks say Davis is a priority, but do they (really) want to pay Davis? over (or instead of) Greg is/and could be an interesting Question MadJack. Coach Reed has stated he wants more say and hire a Linebacker Coach; and the latter I believe didn't sit well with Stubler. Now; are the Esks going to go with a 4/3 or stick with the 3/4 Defence? Another thing is if Stubler had stayed, Mark Restelli likely would not have come back; was there something going on such as not seeing eye to eye so to speak? Thus Edmonton going to/with a 4/3 D - Restelli will bid and push to be the starting MLB I say.

Tim Prinsen at the moment is the Linebacker Coach and if he's moved up to the DC job, I wonder if he'll maintain his current role also. Perhaps next week we will know more when Reed gives an update on his/2012 Staff.
Edit: Secondary Coach (Hire) did not sit well with Stubler is what I wanted to say in the above quote - my mistake.

I thought Nelson was LB coach and Prinsen OL coach. . .

Yup you are right. I'm in mix up mode :oops: ). Anyhow it's all good.

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A couple of sign ups for the 2012 Training Camp; both imports - Linebacker and Wide Receiver/Kick Returner.

I like the sound of these guys and sure hope they measure up. I know about Lawrence from hearing about him after the NFL Combine in 2010. In the end, at 228 he is just too light for the NFL for the LB position and not skilled enough to play strong safety. It’s very difficult for an OLB in the NFL at under 240 any more, and if over 6-0 he usually has to be more for his frame. With his impressive athleticism almost akin to a running back, Tillman is right about his potential on the larger CFL field. His pass coverage skills better be damn good to make the roster though.

Year-in year-out there are always a few guys at the CFL E-Camp and NFL combines and pro-days who almost out of nowhere impress everyone with their incredible athleticism, but then they are just plainly are not pro football players after a season or so. “Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” the saying goes.

Defensive Scouting
The free agent tracker has not yet been updated, it looks now from the very last line of yesterday’s new that also Khalif Mitchell of BC is off to the Miami Dolphins:

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The fact that Tillman scouted and signed Lawrence seems to mean he does not want Freeman and/or that Freeman is too expensive.

Though we are loaded at DE, why not go after Aaron Hunt for a minimum contract term? On that note I wonder how good is the December signing, Steven Friday, as a pass rusher.

If we are shopping for NI DT, we can dump Sterling Dee due largely to extensive injury the last two seasons.
How about this guy Don O?:

IMO Paolo X…
Offer is on the table perhaps? == Thus let FA - LB Rod Davis (Southern Miss.) test free agency; could go to Lions/Tiger Cats
Sign FA - OL Simeon Rottier of Hamilton (Alberta)
Sign FA - DE Greg Peach (Eastern Washington)
Sign FA - LB Mark Restelli (Cal Poly)

To open up salary cap space; Patrick Kabongo, Chris Bauman and Osaisai have been released. One of them may be back with Edmonton down the road; my guess is Osaisai.