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There are lots of Quality players on other teams out there as posted in the above link; I do hope the Esks sign most of their free agents for next season. Charles and Clarke have signed their new deals (one year plus an option) so thus I wonder which players may sign with other teams once the deadline on Feb.16th passes. Thoughts on potential players and/or would like to see on the Eskimo roster?

Bertrand is getting up there in age, so I wouldn't be terribly upset if Tillman didn't re-sign him. Why is Glatt still listed? He retired. Same with Talbot. :lol:

I'd like to see McCarty, Davis, Legare, and Schiavone re-signed. The rest... eh. Some of the guys are good, but... I mean, if we lost Nowacki, would it matter? We'd still have Stamps, Bowman, Barnes, Henry, etc.

As for most; I agree with your list Chief with one addition being Kyle Koch who can play Centre outside of his natural Guard position. One player that would help on the O-Line (if not signed) is Brendon Labatte of Winnipeg and last but not least is Bertrand; mind you if Matty doesn't get signed in Edmonton he may just retire? Otherwise Bertrand (blocking wise) will be hard to replace if Messam makes the NFL; but if not the back field looks to be O.K., the running game will once again be a huge part of Crandell's schemes that "MUST" be enhanced more so next season. O-Line needs to make it happen.

Wow over two months for teams to make their preparations -- cool. And this will be soon after the Super Bowl too, so that's even better.

The choicest pickings are in BC and in Saskatchewan.

I doubt many players of those looking make the NFL grade, and even if so there is always the high odds of beating training camp. A few did last season, but the only high performer who comes to mind is Brandon Browner.

Everyone else riding pine, in limited use, or on a practise roster is not guaranteed another season though likely will try to give some other team a shot after being let go. Worst are those guys cut by the NFL (i.e. Mallett, Giguere, Reinders) who were great in the CFL or would be great but stay in some football limbo. For all we know Mallett and Giguere might have suffered debilitating injuries after otherwise accepting injury settlements each upon release from the New York Giants.

The "worst" case with the signing of Charles is that Messam makes the NFL, which in turn I do not think Messam will do given the competition at the RB position in the NFL unlike what I am seeing in the CFL at the position.

Messam is far better off in having dominant capability in the CFL, but hey of course he's chasing the NFL minimum money with more than likely only limited use should he make a team.

There is a shortage of talent at RB in the CFL let alone the rosters should be expanded also to allow each team to have at least one more running back in the stable due to frequent injuries to starting backs at some point in the season.

My favourite pick-ups on defence just from BC and SK:

Khalif Mitchell
Aaron Hunt
Jerrell Freeman

It looks like the Fantuz sweepstakes might be on before too long.

I didn't follow Winnipeg that closely, so I don't know much about Labatte, but if he can help the line, then for sure make a play for him. The O-Line is definitely our biggest need this off-season, and I've no problem with Tillman grabbing solid FA.

Winnipeg has a lot of FA. Could be a lot of turnover for that team.

Any olinemen from any other team would be a huge help to our highschool talent line...
And Nowacki catches 99% of the passes thrown at him, I want him back in Edmonton, he also has a good locker room presence :lol:

Because their retired status does not negate that their rights still remain with team they last had an active contract with until that contract expires. Some dofus GM could trade for the rights to a retired player, just like they drafted a dead guy a few years back.

I figured that was why. Just seemed a little silly. :lol: You really would have to be a doofus to trade for the rights of a retired player. :lol:

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New D-Lineman signed today to compete next season in TC 2012.

Nowacki will be 32 next October and has done well with the Esks over the years; thus don't forget Coehoorn will give him a run for the starting job next year. Mind you Andrew Nowacki is still a good/clutch receiver and if not signed in Edmonton he may/will be employed elsewhere.

First off I screwed up (not paying attention) somewhat in my above Quoted post; written by Eskimosrock and not Chief. Mind you I've seen this error before by other posters in different threads, but none the less.

Drew Edwards scratching post; There is truth that free agent OL Simeon Rottier of Hamilton may/will be sought to sign in Edmonton as he wants to be closer to family. Simeon is a non import and was the first overall pick by the TiCats in 2009.

Good choices there Paolo X, but I wonder if Tillman will make FA pitch war for Fantuz? I can't see it being $300,000 though, but perhaps around $200,000.

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On to other stuff for what it's worth; I posted this link on a DB that could be headed to Edmonton.

Jameel Dowling looks like a good pickup, as Dowling has some serious speed for the haul up and down that big field too:

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It looks like he spent some time in Arizona before he ended in the arena league, but I don't know why that link is still up on the Cardinals official site.

It's a good deal for all, so I hope he makes the team because we need serious help in the secondary.

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Eskies sign FB Matty Bertrand; keeps in good shape and that’s a plus.

Well at least we have that non-import locked up for good blocking in a two-back set and as a special teams guy.

I hope this starts a trend of good signings instead of like the awful news from earlier this week.

I like Nowacki, non import and has always made that clutch catch when we needed him I always thought we should use him more.

Anyone hear about us signing a star OL? I saw it on Facebook, but I haven't been able to find any details.

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OL Greg Wojt = new contract

Damn. I was hoping we'd signed someone new. Oh well. Nice to have him sticking around. :thup:

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I'm a little surprised by the re-signing of Schiavone. Me thinks there's a trade in the future; either that or the Esks go with three kickers.