Track around field.....Ouch! Binos not included

We have some getting used to Hamilton. I thinks it's a case of "don't know what you have until it's gone (Ivor Wynne)." I'm sure you will agree, Ivor Wynne is by far the best place to watch a football game in terms of view. I took a look at Commonwealth stadium (see below) and all I could do was grimase. It looks like 25 yards from the side lines to the fans. Not to mention the cut off corners of the endzones. I just hope there is the technology out there that will bring the stands in close after the Pan Am games.

[url=,_Edmonton,_August_2005.jpg] ... t_2005.jpg[/url]

Been to Commonwealth, fantastic stadium, much larger than IWS but even without 20/20 vision, loved it, equally as much as IWS even if you are somewhat farther from the field. The north stands at IWS aren't curved so you're twisting your head a lot if you're in the last sections, I don't like this.

If you use retractable seating, you can pull the retractable seating out for Football games and retract them for Track events. You will still have good sightlines. I believe that is what Bob prefers

That would be great!

Also, I'm hoping they can cover the "cutoff" corners with turf when playing football.

Really, how often is there goiong to be a track and field event. I know this is for the Pan Am games, but the stadium's legacy will primarily be a home for the Tiger-Cats and that should become a design priority once the games are over.

So yes, retractable or movable seating for the occasional track and field meet, and turf covered corners for a complete football field.

Shouldn't be that difficult or expensive if properly designed ahead of time, should it?

Ssshhhh Captain, don't connect legacy at all with the TiCats!

There are people out there who are not football fans or TiCat fans who want to just say all this is about a stadium for professionals and should not be allowed to happen! Of course, these people are going to twist the argument to suit just that rather than looking at a few facts like: 1. It is Hamilton's stadium, not the TiCats, 2. It is for the Pan-Am Games, 3. The TiCats don't make money at all or hardly at all, 4. They currently play in a city owned stadium and are only saying they need a safe stadium to play in but if Hamilton gets the Pan-Am Games, will look at a business model to upgrade the Pan-Am stadium to something that would suit their needs and therefore also be more an asset to the city.

People will selectively argue how they want on this so ssshhh :wink:

winched, that is exactly what they did a Civic Stadium. The erected removable bleachers between the 20,s along the track on the south side, best seats in the house. You could build the 25/27,000 seat stadium and increase the capacity by 2,000 or more with seating like this along each side.

I like the idea of variable slope stands. This is what they do at shared NHL / NBA arenas. For basketball, the seats behind the baskets are drawn from behind the end boards inward and closer to the court.

This leaves the rows with more leg room and a shallower slope than for hockey.

I've always thought this would be a reasonable solution for track / football stadiums and for the anti-CFL whiners at BMO Field.

I've been to Commonwealth too (for the game when Jason Maas made his triumphant return to Edmonton and the Ticats crushed the Eskies). I had pretty good seats in the lower bowl, and I felt like I was far away from the field, although the sightlines were good.

I don't know if current building standards permit it, but it would be great if they could build the stands so that they are quite steep. That way, with each row, your distance from the field increases at a slower rate. A good example is Montreal's Molson stadium. You can be quite high up there, but you really feel close to the field.


We used to have cut off corners when we had the old turf.

Any chance the track for track and field could be removable? They use removable tracks for indoor meets?

TWO WORDS......Retractable Seating

Why not have the track recessed a bit and just cover it with turf as they do in the Rogers centre when they cover the pitchers' mound and bases for the baseball configuration?

Commonwealth? Nice but you are distant from the field. (Lived in Edmonton 6 years.)
I’m going to miss Ivor Wynne. I don’t like fancy. I like utilitarian. Heck… I even find a bit shabby to be charming but I’m a dying breed.

A new stadium will be cleaner. It may or may not be fancier (or it may be just a utilitarian pile of concrete and aluminum without any style.)

However, unless there really are some ‘investors’ that want to sink in a pile of money there won’t be many frills. Making it multi-use will mean compromises that many of us won’t like. It’s a trade-off situation.
Shabby will be gone and seats will cost more. Perhaps better legroom comes with it or maybe seatbacks… but then again I carry a portable seat and consider my attendance a luxury even at current rates.

So perhaps it’s farewell Ivor Wynne (Civic Stadium, really). I’ll really miss you and - like so many of the changes that have happened in my lifetime - will (I hope) learn to live with the new reality without sounding like an old curmudgeon.

I gues what I’d really like is a new Ivor Wynne! :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, retractable seats should work for this stadium, and allow the venue to work for both track & field, football, and now possibly the other football (soccer), whose field is I believe similar to a CFL field.

The other option here is to build the initial 15,000 seat stadium with the track in it, with plans to make the stadium work best for football and soccer when expanded to say 30,000, and possibly fully remove the track.

In either case, some additional expense may be required to build a stadium that is flexible. Much like others, I really hope we don't end up with a track making seats farther from the field, and hope that the field is built to keep seats close, much like IWS, few bad seats in that stadium.


jonesie...good point, no one ever said that the track had to stay for ever. Surely they can design a stadium that can be revamped with little effort. Nice point to ponder.

Hey, I agree, but wasn’t one of the selling features the fact that fututre track & field events could be held there?

I wonder how often that would be.

I consider myself a pretty diverse sports fan, and I have to say, I have never been a spectator at a track and field event. There may be regional and/or provincial events at some time, and maybe something at the collegiate or university level, but I can't think of any off the top of my head after the high-school level. No offense to the track and field fans out there, but I just don't think it is considered to be a sport that has a significant fan base.


CaptKirk, I think if we do get this stadium, the ground crew will be tearing up the track while the runners from the last race are still in the shower! :twisted:

we need to look no further than copps for a venue with retractable seating.
the first number of rows fold under to convert to an olympic ice surface

if it can be done with ice, i'm sure a cinder track can be covered