Toys of YesterYear

anyone here ever own or play with a Johhny 7 OMA

Johnny Seven OMA - Wikipedia

or Secret Sam

Topper Toys Deluxe Reading Secret Sam Attache Case Part 2 - Bing video

I had a Johnny 7, The grenade launcher was great!
That would have been early 60's

1964, I was in a group home and both my roommate and I wanted the Johnny. He got it and I got secret sam as consolation prize. The sam was fun, but his johnny was awesome.

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...the kid that lived down the street had both, he was an only child and his parents had some coin back in those days (his dad drove a giant gold coloured Lincoln) the neighbourhood game of war we’re running around with sticks and garbage can lids, Patrick K was outfitted like a Seal 6 operative...

...I’m just starting to introduce my four year old grandson to Hot Wheels, one of my 1960s faves...I probably had rare and unusual ones that would’ve been worth something today...

Funny how things are,
I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday,
I remember clear as day my Johnny 7!

I can relate