Toyota Elite League of Canadian Football

It's time for a CFL revolution . A league sponsorship could garner large money to sustain the league and grow it to it's tenth team .

Changing the name with a elite status or premier status elevates the league presence and is good for invigorating the brand . The Shaw sponsorship of the Grey Cup also inspired changes in getting a stronger healthier league with a younger audience .

Basically stole these ideas .

Sponsorship of the league is stolen from Barclays Premier League in Britain which are not renewing next year .

The elite league was stolen from Britain's Elite Hockey league in Britain .

Barclay's sponsorship is worth 40 million pounds a year or 80 million Canadian .

No more crappy multiple ads on field just one field sponsor with a big name on the field like Toyota or BMO. Stolen from Rugby and Australian League . Sponsors Graphics on clean field .

If I was selling rights I would sell at least enough for 2 million to each of ten teams and 2 million to league for a total of 22 million a year rights to call the league :

    BMO Elite League                               # 
    Toyota Elite league                             #
    Ford Elite League                                #
    Google Elite League                           #
    Whirlpool  Elite League    ------- of Canadian Football .

Sponsorship would have all of the CFL including press and media be referred to a as the Blank Elite League

Rip it apart have fun . Is it June yet ?

Is it not already called Scotia Bank CFL Football,
and if it is, How come there is no team in Nova Scotia?? :wink:

Not ripping it apart but we already have individual sponsorship - Sponsors are paying the rights to name CFL stadiums, TD Place, THF etc Sponsors have bought the rights to the Grey Cup etc
I am sure the marketing guys at the CFL headquarters in Toronto have tried all the ideas to sell advertising and try to get sponsors.
TSN also does a pretty good job to sell the league too, they need to advertise and sell air time to the CFL games or they don't make money.

As for a 10th team?? forget it, let them fix the Argos. The corporate sector in Toronto is sinking advertising and marketing money into TFC, Raptors, Jays and very little into the Argos. Now that the Argos are owned by a successful company they will be more under the microscope and if they don't produce revenue they are gone. No more millionaires sinking money in to them because they love the league.

Still having fun not attacking anyone here .

   You would still have individual sponsors for each team . You would still have TSN or whoever selling ads for the TV . You would still have the Grey Cup presented by Shaw . You still sell the rights to networks to televise who then sell ads to the games .

It's the actual name of the league you are selling or selling the rights to the Canadian League Brand . The loss would be the shirt patches , the ads on the field would all be the same sponsor . You would still play out of TD Place or wherever .

The league in news print or any media outlet would read Blank Elite League no longer CFL .

I think this hasn't been done is because the league does not have 9 unified partners that believe in revenue sharing yet but it's the purest way to protecting the 9 soon to be 10 teams future . Also there are owners or community teams who do not want the league marketed this way because of history and tradition . Making the games an event and lifting the league beyond a winning season and to get fans to go to the games during a poor stretch is one way ; the other is protecting it by being less and less reliant on the seat sale during the lean years .

I am stealing this from the best soccer league in the world sorry Spain and of course our rival it seems Rogers Blue Jays .

If you look at the playoffs and the league field markings it is already being done for the playoffs and the Grey Cup thru purchased sponsors .

That is why Grover you don't see Scotia Bank for playoffs as much as they use to be a major sponsor for the playoffs .

They would be good sponsor for a Nova Scotia team as the bank's real name is The Bank of Nova Scotia .

Nice idea but I believe your figures to be "too aspirational". :smiley:

You are proposing that the CFL receive 1/3 of the revenues that the Premier league receives. That's far too high when the profile of the leagues is compared, I believe. What MIGHT be obtained? I wonder....

Maybe a little too high depending on who needs the exposure Mark .

I would get as much as we can if we are the Cialis or Viagra Elite League to make it worth our while with all teasing and the ribbing we would get in return ; but hey what global exposure to our league . :lol:

After hearing Ambrosie using the Premier league as a model when speaking on tour the idea is not so whacky .

Spitballing .

If CFL 2.0 is successful is a large sponsor around the corner to partner up with to support the branding of the CFL as the premier league of Canadian style football .

A global marketing approach to get those media rights deals is necessary for growth and a major sponsor that co-brands your league may assist in that growth .

The major sponsor isn't coming on board until you prove there's global interest in the league. That's a long, long way off. This whole 2.0 thing seems like a total pipe dream.

You are exactly right but growth of revenue and higher valuation of the franchises is his mandate by the BOG .

The real challenge is getting these countries to switch over to our rules and follow our league as inclusive and inviting and use the NFL's exclusivity against them in marketing a sport and league as the global alternative that is attainable .

If that's not it I don't see an end game to CFL 2.0 .

61 years ago in 1958 somebody had a pipe dream of merging the

Western interprovincial Football Union

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Edmonton Eskimos
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Calgary Stampeders
BC Lions


Interprovincial Rugby Football Union

Hamilton Tigercats
Montreal Allouettes
Ottawa Rough Riders
Toronto Argonauts

To create one national league in Canada called the CFL

I don't see how merging two popular leagues within one country is the same as this European effort, but okay.

I'd hate to see the day that our teams sport sponsorship ads on their uniforms to the extent that the Premier League does. "Fly Emirates", don't think so. The sponsor's badges that we see now are more than enough. And I never want to see our players plastered like a NASCAR driver, Grand Slam curler, or heaven forbid, a Spengler Cup hockey player.

While I can appreciate the concept and the revenue streams that sponsorship brings, I shudder at the thought of what demands the sponsors can, and certainly will, place upon the teams and the league. If we start down this road, I pray that we tread very, very slowly, and very, very lightly.

Good points I wouldn't like to see it as well .

My thoughts is it would help clean up the smaller ads and get rid of the patch work ads on the field hopefully and then give the entire league a equitable fair shake in a bigger pot . Just trying to find ways that brings in a more uniformed approach to the CFL that lead to more success and less reliance on crowds when the team is on a down swing on the field . It also places less reliance on owners who may have burned bridges and may create a acidic relationship with local sponsors .

Leave the important stadium naming ad but replace the multi field ads with ads on the screen for TV with one large Toyota or whatever logo the co brand the CFL attracts .

One uniform ad patch that is the same across the league .

The co- branding would be quite the undertaking and would require significant investment from whoever the CFL lands .

My Pipe dream is motivated when I read stories about the Als that there has to be a greater constant revenue for franchises and rules in place so this never happens again . Get frustrated with the business end of the CFL . So my way to vent is blathering solutions into the air and felt this forum I can get some good feedback on an idea .

And I bet our friend Pat Lynch - self described as "older than dirt" - was there! How did it go, Pat? Can you advise the commish?

There's already enough sponsorship naming crap in the CFL. Heck, they even got ads on the jerseys. You don't need to add any more.

Yes agree but this way cleans it up and moves from fiefdoms of small business to a mature business model that increases the same quality and sharing of smaller ads to a co brand of one larger ad that is etched in thru tech for TV like BMO ads are now .

You watch the field and don't see a checker board of ads anymore . The naming rights holder of the stadium you will still see but not the local chevy dealer or pizza palace .

They can be reserved for non field TV and placed throughout the stadium as is now but the product and the field will be more uniform in visual context .

The co brand is placed for all media release etc so you will see brand x and then the CF .

The central theme is clean up the visual on display and replace it with a co brand and place less burden on franchises during low season and create and equitable base of revenue like the TV revenue brings in . You will still have individual sponsors to assist with revenue for individual teams .

But I do agree with constant ads on the big screen or on the side with the roll advertising or fold side line boards it is way too much at times and distracts from the experience if you let it bother you .

But at least the field will be cleaned up now for the TV viewer and in stadium viewer using technology and the value of co branding will add needed revenue source if it ever happens .