I am soooo glad someone came through with this idea! Woooo!

What about THUNDER STICKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There really loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!

Come on Corporate Hamilton, STEP UP and get 20,000 THUNDER STICKS !!!!!!!!!!

this is great!
We are going to be one good looking, crazy loud crowd on sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

This will get more involved ....And will be great the towels will block where my air horn is .....hahahahaha

Good job ....Go Cat's Go

Apparantly, Mark Bowden will be on 900 CHML at 10 am this morning to talk about this.

That is so awesome!!

Great idea "TIGER TOWELS" :thup: STEELTOWN TOUGH :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I still have my tiger wash-cloth :slight_smile: from about 10 years back.

The towels are great but they don't make any noise we still have to be loud ....

From CFL web site twitter post @CalliCatBC haha I love that you're encouraging fans to come to the game Sunday - Hamilton's 13th man is pretty powerful!! #CFL

great news they no were loud now all we have to do is be loud with those great towels and away we go ...


Mark Bowden from the Ticats is on 900 CHML right now regarding the Rally Towels etc....

I didn't think it was possible, but I'm even more pumped for this game than I was when I got my tickets. This going to be awesome!

Maybe the Ticats will purchase the remaining 9000 towels??? I think everyone should get one! But good on the fan that bought 20 000. Thank You!

Sweet! Looks like this black hole thing is really being pushed, nice for a Calgary guy to push this to, thanks :thup:

I wanna' know where the guy got 20,000 silk-screened towels for $15,000.00!!! I guess there are lotsa' hotels between Calgary and The Hammer!

I wonder how many complaints of people being RAT-TAILED there will be ....

you can easily bring them in from china for that price.

THose towels are gonna run out Fast so might consider bringing your own yellow towel or something to wave around in the stands ....