Just heard it how TW will be on with Bob McCown as the first scheduled . No doubt will be making some sort of a statement consistent with the latest search for new ownership.

i messaged sportsnet, during bob mcgowans show....
first message was ; sens owner should buy the gades.
second message was ; move the gades to Quebec. CFL RULES.


DG is this some type of a mixed message?

His or Toms? :shock:

who cares…aslong as people read that people care about the CFL…lol

i knew it was a mixed message when i did it, but i got a laugh from it…lol

nice to see some texts that arent about the leafs.

Agreed, doesn't that make you gag all the stupid Toronto Maple Leafs fans and we are going to win the cup stupidity.

yes...oh, were gonna get in the playoffs and knock out the sens...bla bla...

i saw a few 'go Gades go' messages, along with my 2 CFL texts.

There is nothing better then the Leafs and Craptors not making the playoffs and MLSE, despite mega profit, not getting any additional $.

bob: r the gades still owned by glieb?
tom: yes, but cfl is lookin for new owners, while glieb and smith partly finance this year.
bob:is there any way the gades wont play in 06?
tom: i formed a commitee to run properly, while we look for new same time theres a seperate commitee lookin at reprecussions of folding or suspending gades for this season.
bobs buddy: did u have concerns about the gades this offseason, and if so, did try to offer advise?
tom : i was concerned and offered advise.
bob:could u force them to do what u want?
tom: no, franchises belong to individuals, and no power to force, but felt cfl standards werent being met, and offered input, but not his team so gliebs didnt have to listen. tom wants to change league consitution, so league DOES have power to force some decisions.
tom says just found out glieb didnt want to pay bills less than a week ago. if knew this would happen, he wouldnt have gone on vacation.
tom says offered alot of advise, but doesnt own the team so advise wasnt followed.
bob talks about hamilton and torontos past troubles, and asks if theres a way the league COULD run the league...
tom says: yes it COULD.....
bobs friend: for a brief period?.
tom: are looking into thier options, indluding the option of running the team FULLY BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT GLIEBS.
tom says if its right for ottawa, fans and league, they would run the team...but lots to evaluate b4 making decision.
bobs buddy asks: u need a new owner because your basicly starting from scratch again.
tom: absolutly.
bob asks about sens owner and talks about how sens owner didnt reject bobs idea of him buying the gades.
tom: i have never spoken to sens owner. tom says has thought of capital sports ( sens owner )and says all good things. says will talk to sens owner if bog's give him the OK'. says when u have commited and smart ownership, such as sens owner, a team can be run properly.
bobs buddy: was bringing in the gliebs a mistake?
tom: in hindsight, yes, but we didnt have any options.
bob: u had no choice?...noone else wanted to buy.
tom: no choice, cuz part owner was smith, who CHOOSE to bring in glieb....IT WAS SMITHS FAULT.
bobs buddy : how does this ottawa situation effect possible expansion?
tom: wont expand until all teams are running cant expand until ottawa is good.
bobs buddy: what are the odds of ottawa not seeing a CFL GAME AGAIN?
TOM: NOT LIKELY. we want to get this right!


I like the way as always how TW answered all questions and did not duck any issues. It takes a great man as TW admitted he made a mistake with the Gleibs last year. But, there was no other choice as Bob asked. So it was either the Gleibs or no football.
Other then the brief question about Eugene Melnyk, I thought the obvious question not asked is whether beside Eugene are there other potential owners that have come forward?

Well, I feel better now...but I won't be completely satisfied until I know what's going to happen this year. We need a good owner in Ottawa tout de suite.

Good on Tom. I continue to be impressed by him. And the BoG better give approval to talk to Melnyk ... they have no reason not too!!!!! Unless they're scared of/intimidated by him ... I too wish they'd asked about how many people are interested in buying, or if there are people out there at all ...
I'm reassured by what Tom had to say. To me, it looks like he's going about it the right way. Now he just needs the BoG on his side ... they did extend his contract earlier, which should be a good precedent...

They should also pass a motion to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, let the Gliebs touch a franchise again!

OK, I was lucky enough to just catch the tail end of the interview, obviously on tape-delay for me out West.

Tom says he's going to take the time to get it right - he was very adamant about getting it right. And he stood up and took responsibility for approving the sale to the Gliebs. But the prevailing point was that he is going to do what it takes to get the situation right.

As an aside, apparently there is already a commercial connection between the Gades and Capital Sports (Gene Melnyk) ... hopefully a good springboard!

I'd like to see a partnership of Ottawa 67's owner Jeff Hunt & Melnyk buy the 'Gades. Hunt has said he is not interested but maybe he would be if Melnyk was involved. Both would give the 'Gades instant credibility. They could utilize admin from both teams to save on costs. How can Ottawa fans help support the team financially when you can't tickets right now?

Melnyk is the clear choice, while Hunt apparently does not have the cash. Instead of Hunt, I would rely on proven CFLers, like Bob Nicholson who was previously the Argos Pres and everyones choice as GM, Eric Tillman. Mark Kosmos, the former RR and who is very successful in Ottawa with the Local Heroes chain and who ran that in the endzone, should be brought on board. Even Russ Jackson and Whit Tucker.
There is no room for another error.