Tourists and the CFL

Every summer my wife and come to visit and enjoy your Country, in all the years we have been coming I have never seen an ad for the summer CFL games. If the tourists to the areas that are home to a CFL team knew about the games, especially Thursday and Friday, there would not be as many empty seats. We have watched games in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal, when we tell other tourists that we are going to a football game they are unaware of the games.
Every Niagara area tourist booklet "pushes" the casinos, why isn't the same thing done for the CFL?

Good point. I noticed back in the 90's when I lived in Toronto that the Argo games weren't listed in any of the free publications or leisure guides, while Blue Jay games were listed every night of the week. While the sports editor of the publication might turn up his nose at publicizing CFL games, at least they should be informed of when the games are on.

Excellent point the CFL must do a better job in promoting the league not just in Canada but outside to our neighbours south of the border, the marketing seems to rely more on the responsibility of each team ion their area and Province but more could be done for sure.

I would also reinstate the start of the CFL season to coincide with Canada Day and take advantage of the start of the CFL season with the celebration of Canada and the long weekend or weekday game, it's great for many Canadian fans on holidays and fans from the south traveling to Canada and from abroad.

The last two words in your Post are key, we have met tourists in Canada from all over the world. These people would really enjoy going to a CFL professional football game.
There is one sports bar locally that didn't even know CFL had games during the summer and were televised on ESPN2 here in the States. They now watch the schedule and Post on their Bulleting Board Schedule when and who will be playing. In fact 6 of us are going there Friday night to watch Hamilton/Calgary. They have set three of their 14 televisions to the CFL games.
The CFL and Canadian Tourist Bureau have got to get the word out, good games, good Canadian beer and Buffalo Hot Wings what more could you ask for on a night out!
One thing you really have going for you, having been welcomed to the Maple Leaf for almost fifty years, I have never met an unfriendly Canadian.

I'd like to see the Cfl start at least a month earlier, good way to end the school year labour day games would be battles for playoff positions and finish the season before the start of the NHL season, would be nice to sit at a Grey cup game without it being in the minus 20's.

Challenger's experiences are inspiring, for I too wish to visit Canada one summer in order to escape storm season in Florida. Wow those flight prices do have to come down though!

And of course I would want to go to a CFL game and my first stop would be in Edmonton plus if you have casinos I would like to check those out too though I don't gamble much.

And this forum has not only taught me so much about Canada too in the four years since I joined. Unknown to most Americans in the meantime since I have been here, your country gave us two of the 'sharks' and the entire basis for the hit television series Shark Tank. Now I catch all the episodes of Dragon's Den on YouTube too.

In some way I've also been able to deal more effectively with more of my own countrymen and avoid more of all these American nutjobs concentrated especially in Florida after spending quite a bit of time here.

I suppose a thank you to Canada is already in order via my interest in football and the CFL.