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Gonna be sweet !!



Thanks for the links, neat!

i check the construction webcam every other day. altho i haven't seen much visible progress in a long time.

...thanks for those links, very cool to see this happening after all the years of talk...

Normal... This is a sunken stadium and setting the support structure in the ground is the biggest part of the job. They probably will finish that off in the spring and then you will see it come up real quick.

Question. Do construction workers there get any kind of danger pay for freezing their gonads off in the dead of winter? :wink:

Looking awesome even the unfinished project.

No need this winter. Thursday was 7 above here in the Peg. Easily the nicest winter here in my lifetime.

Looks like it will be a gem of a football stadium and if it comes in on budget probably a blueprint for what CFL stadiums should be in the future. You can really see this was designed by and with football fans in mind.

Seems like that pretty much all over the country. I was in Yarmouth on a construction site visit of a new High School and it was 18 degrees on December 15th. I've seen mild weather in Montreal and Toronto as well.

One gorgeous winter for sure, here in Hamilton yesterday some people were walking and riding their bikes with shorts on a light windbreaker.

I saw two motorcycles here in Winnipeg during the Christmas holidays. Never seen THAT before. I think its only gone below -10C once this year so far.

I am working in there and let me tell you that it is fricken cold in there as it is all open, even the tarped off area's are open and because of its set up, it acts like a wind tunnel freezing the heck out of us. And the nice days are gone and the cold days are coming. It was -20 degress celcius and with the wind tunnel effect plus the building itself blocking the sun , it gets darn cold. Now even on a nice day you have to keep in mind that the building is concrede and steel and touching it is like touching ice even on a mild winters day as it stays cold. And since it is hard to work with tools with heavy gloves on, a lot of work is done bare hand which makes it even harder to stay warm........................... but............... I AM CANADIAN and I can tell you that this is going to be the nicest stadium in Canada.
It is amazingly big. It is going to have a full oval in the lower bowl and the upper balcony's are huge. I walked around and looked at the field and every view point is going to be a great seat. There is going to be double the leg room and the seats are steeper so you can easilly see over the heads of the people in front of you.
What makes me proud is that they are building this stadium the right way.
The consession area and corridors are well spaced out and you will be able to walk around the entire stadium as the corridors/consessions area loop right around the entire feild. There are multi levels too.
If you think that this is not going to seat much people think again, when I say this place is big I mean, it is big. So big that they can easilly build and add another 15000 seats without expanding the stadium. That is how big it is.
Now one thing that the lower bowl reminded of is the seating chard of the temporary stadium of Empire stadium in Vancouver the way it encircled the entire field. The lower bowl in Winnipegs new stadium will do exactly that.
Another thing that I think is classy is that the consession area's and corridors are simular to the Goldeyes Shaw Park in the sence that the consessions/corridors are open to the field so getting something to drink will not have you miss the action.
And the roof, should cover all the seats if it rains depending on where you are seating.
All I can say is that when visiting this new stadium for your first time, you will be in for a treat.
That is all I can say for now.

I AM CANADIAN and I can tell you that this is going to be the nicest stadium in Canada.

Nice! :thup: Better than the Rogers Center for football? :lol:


Actually I should define my point as it is going to be the nicest open air stadium in Canada as nothing is nicer than Rogers center,lol

double the leg room
Thank you thank you thank you !! :rockin:

The concessions at the Goldeyes stadium are fantastic. I'm really looking forward to some good food at the new place. And yeah, not missing half a quarter to get a beer will be nice.

Ah BB, we should be nice though when referring to the Rogers Centre for football or hockey, I mean it did only cost Rogers $25 mill to buy it afterall and it can't be opened up in the winter for a Winter Classic hockey game or for football in the fall past October I think it is even if the weather is gorgeous outside. What do you expect for a measly $25 mill anyways I suppose? :wink:

some good action on the cam today ... they're installing steel girders in the camera foreground so you can see more than people just walking around :slight_smile:

I'm real happy for Winnipeg and the CFL that this is progressing for real. I know BB is big on the bowl concept but I must confess that I'm lukewarm to it for CFL-sized fields. Maybe I've just had too many bad experiences in endzone seats - too far from the other end ... . Does anyone know what the % is of seats between the goal lines? That's a telling number for me.

Truly awesome, every time I see this construction I am envious.
On top of which, congratulations to the fine people of Winnipeg to finally get it done.

Maybe I've just had too many bad experiences in endzone seats

I've sat in the endzone seats at Ivor Wynne here in Hamilton and I have found it fine, as well as the Big "Owe" and Rogers Centre. Better than being up in the top tiers at the top few rows in a big place like the Big "Owe" or RC.