Toughest Receiver?

They just said Jim Brown was the toughest Running back, duh! But who was the toughest receiver you ever saw.
Harold Carmichael jumped into my head first.

Ben Cahoon!!!!

I am sorry I wish my NFL alltime knowledge was better. I cannot think of any NFL receivers that fit into your question due my own ignorance.

Charlie Sanders. Well okay he was a TE but still tough. And he's being inducted to the HOF this weekend.

TO he Played with a Bad wheel in Superbowl

Kellen Winslow.

Ever saw? That's a tough one for me, but currently I have to say one of the toughest on the field is Hines Ward. I've seen him lay out defensive backs like they were match sticks. He isn't afraid to hit guys when he DOESN'T have the ball. He can also take pretty hard licks.

I've also seen Ed McCaffrey take some insane hits and still make the catch. He seemed to be made of rubber sometimes!