Toughest Player

Who is the toughest player in our league? Charles Roberts has to be the toughest seeing how he takes hard hits and gets pile-drived every season and rarely doesn't get hurt.

if your going by that formula then it has to be Jason Clermont

Clermont for sure...I've seen him take direct hits to the head that would leave other guys laying on the field, yet he pops back up and makes a beautiful reception on the next play. He's got my vote.

It's true that Roberts' staying power is incredible but I gotta vote for Clermont, too. Thursday's game is one of the few times I have ever seen him stay down more than a few seconds or go to the bench instead of the huddle. But he's had some serious pops over the years and keeps on truckin'.

Dickenson.... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

....the difference with running backs is that they anticipate getting hit, and it is usually at a moderate velocity, whereas receivers are often hit blindside at high vote goes to a receiver, and there are a bunch....clermont for sure, I'd throw stegall, tucker and cahoon in there for good measure as they have all been taking those hits for many years....

Considering the injuries Dave has encountered and come back from and continues to play when most say he should quit because of the risks associated with his continuation of playing Dave hands down is the toughest.


Except that the question was "toughest" not "most masochist" :slight_smile:

I will give him points for hanging in there and wanting to play.. but he should retire. One more concussion and he wont know what day it is or be in a permanent care ward somewhere-- there are too many examples of guys who still feel the effects of post concussion syndrome, years after they have retired.

Right now, I would also go with Clermont as the toughest

i will have to agree with the clermont and roberts claim. Last year clermont got absolutly rocked a few times and held onto the ball to get up faster then the safety that tee'd him up.

roberts on the other hand is small for a ball player, and has taken some good hard hits and other such as this past frida where he gets flipped onto his head and gets up to play the next play. he did that a few times in the last half of last year before finally missing his first game to injury in 6 seasons.

So clermont hands down toughest reciever and roberts hands down toughest back.

easily dave dickenson...tough like glass :lol:

lets hope the bad gramma saved you from jinxing him :wink:

What does a bad grandmother have to do with jinxing Roberts? :expressionless:

Thme old bags are always interfering with the natural order of things :twisted: :lol: :wink:

look at what they done did to my spelling :frowning: 8)

Duncan O'Mahony.

Who, strangely, is listed as "Retired" on the player pages.

Depending on which section of the website you clicked from, you get last week's front page. Perhaps there's another dimension where you're getting next season's today. Did the Riders repeat?

Two types of toughest.

  • who takes the most punishment
  • who dishes out the most (clean) punishment.

Guess that rules out AJ Gass... :frowning:

Clermont for sure. You see that hit he took to the side of the head in the Calgary game? He just shook it off like nothing.

If your talking 'tough' as in I wouldn't wanna fight him tough, I'd say Rob Murphy.