Toughest Canadian

How about Steve Nash- NBA Canadian who came back from 6 stiches with eye closed in the 4th quarter to lead Phoenix Suns to a sweep over San Antonio . Nash scored half of his 20 points in the 4th to go with 5 assists in the quarter. Tough Canadian who didn't whine and wilt but came back tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

Nash is by the far the best and toughest player in the NBA. He just has the smarts and vision that no one else has. And to come back from 6 stitches and playing with one eye closed just shows his drive and how much of a team guy he is! :thup:

If he was a hockey player he woudn't have needed stitches.

Even with one eye, he still see's the court better than most guys with two. Guys a stud in these playoffs.

They say he's Canadian...
That's why he is tough.

Unlike most basketball players, Steve Nash is a tough SOB.

A lot of basketball players have to come off the court because they get poked in the eye, or miss 4 games because they take an elbow to the jaw (i.e. Chris Bosh)

Nash is tough for sure, but nobody is tougher than George St-Pierre.

We need a Canadian Chuck Norris. I nominate Scott Stevens. :smiley:

Laura Secord

If we're going to include dead Canadians I nominate Brian Budd.

"Iron" Mike Sharpe

Hugo Girard of World’s Strongest Man and Canada’s Strongest Man of many years?

He’s a policeman too, and how I would love to hear any tale of him really giving it to some idiot criminal to arrest him after he tried to attack him or otherwise.

On Nash such a performance in an otherwise dull series overall was reminiscent of Isiah Thomas continuing on a sprained ankle in 1989 or 1990, though of course Thomas was a jerk then as was confirmed many times over since and is not near the great man Nash is. :thup:

The NBA sorely needs more disciplined players on and off the court like Nash too. Rondo is looking great in that regard just as one example.

John Ferguson, Sr.

I'd like to point out that George St-Pierre IS Canada's Chuck Norris x10, and Brian Budd made Hugo Girard look like a pansy.

How about George Chuvalo.. the only fighter that Ali never knocked down. He also has extremely tough battles in his personal life as well...

Ooo Chuvalo is a good one. That guy was tough as nails. After the fight Ali claimed "He's the toughest guy I ever fought". I think he did far better than the score cards showed in the first fight.

Um....there are several fighters Ali never knocked down :wink:

how many were ever in the ring with him 8)

all of them :expressionless:

Chuvalo was never knocked down by anybody. In 93 pro fights.