Tougher Division in 2011?

Ok, ok, ok, so I know kick off isn't for another 4 months away and still have to go through draft, mini camps and so on BUT I'm so damn stoked for the season!!! So I ask this question as a Rider fan and a CFL fan, which Division East and West will be the more competative division, will it be a contest at all or will both be tighter than ever before in recent history (last decade) Here's my outlook

West Division:
Ok so lets assume that Edmonton and B.C. don't come crawling out of the gate, while Calgary and Saskatchewan do the same. That makes for a pretty tough division, with the Lions (hopefully for their sake) have an established QB in Lulay they should start off strong, as for Edmonton if Ray can keep those grass stains off his pants he can be dangerous I see him doing well (if protected, the first 1:06 mins of this video is the story of Edmonton's o-line this past season. As for the Riders and Stamps look for them to come out strong as usual :cowboy:

East Division:
So those pesky Als are on their quest for a three-peat :thdn: :wink: while the other 3 try to keep ground if not take it over? Lets again say that Hamilton doesn't start the season 1-4, Toronto have an established QB as for winnipeg too. Again it comes out to strong starts and finsishes for exp last season Winnipeg started off pretty well and finsihed like crap, Hamilton vise versa, for the simple reason that Montreal is just that good I see the West being the more competative division...


ask me again after the hockey is over. Which coincidently will coinside with the time that we know more about the teams. How about that :wink:

I don't know which division will be tougher. The only thing I'm certain of is it is going to be one hell of a season. :rockin:

NO :twisted: lets start talking now :lol:

I agree completely, and I think both divisions could be tough. Hamilton's 1-4 start last year should be considered a fluke, and with their front 7 plus the addition of Cobourne I think they have a serious shot this year. Montreal has lost some important pieces and Father Time will have to notice AC one of these days, but Popp is one of the great hole-pluggers of our time so they still have to be favourites. Our 4-14 record was a fluke too with all those close losses and injuries, so maybe the Argos will be back where they belong. :twisted:

Calgary and Sask still look strong (although Fantuz will be missed), Lulay grew during the season the way Porter never did when he had his chance; Edmonton's turnover makes them pretty unpredictable. So yeah, I don't expect anyone to run away with a division this year. It should be tight, and very entertaining.

I just hope the Als get some competition in the East this year, and I think they will. 1st place has not really been a challenge for them for a while, only the matter of staying focused down the stretch. I am tired of seeing a weak East division, with the exception of the Als. The past few seasons, if the last place team from the West was in the East I am confidant they would have ended up in 2nd. I know all goes in cycles, the West has been there to, but this has been a long one…time for that cycle to break.

I still think the West will be tougher. Why wouldn’t you? Until the East shows they can be as strong as the west consistently, I think you have to assume so. Having said that, I think this year, as usual will be very competitive.

I do believe the West is going to be even tougher than last year.

it’s extremely difficult to even make any sort of prediction… (you can’t really not until you see some training camp news)

We shall see how the Rookie Head Coach in Edmonton does with his young staff…

I expect the East to be more competitive, but I also expect the West to be the tighter of the two divisions. Toronto has yet to prove that they can win via the passing game, Winnipeg is rebuilding, Hamilton has new coordinators on both sides of the ball, and Montreal has lost some important players to free agency, NFL, or retirement (Cahoon, Cobourne, Hawkins, Taylor).

On the contrary disipline, I believe that addition of Chamblin over Marshall will be our rise and not be a weakness.Marshall was extremely conservative with the pass rush and was willing to give up yards so long as we didn't give up points.Chamblin is going to make us a heavy blitzing, DB ball hawking defence.The only thing i'm worried about is Khari Jones at OC but even then he has Rick Worman to lean on for advice plus MB's offensive mind.The two things I see holding us back right now are kicker and DB.Hopefully both of which will be fixed BEFORE TC.

...fixed it for ya :smiley: :twisted:

For the West: It is early as the excitement builds as we move along. However; Burris and Durant will have good seasons thru out the campaingn. I look for good things from Durrant and hope all Qb's in the west stay healthy. Calgary to me will be the front runner and B.C. will have a better season than last. then again new coaching staff in Edmonton and stories and we'll have to see how it pans out. Different things on the field for the Eskimos will be interesting. Ricky Ray (will have a better year touch wood) and he is looking forward an with the new play book and it will be intriguing. I look for the west to be the more compeitive. New coaches in place in Edm and Sask can't wait for the first game of the season in Regina.

For the East: Montreal in my opinion will teams) and Ti-Cats will have a decent season and should challenge; Cats defence will be strong. Winnipeg will win more than 4 games, Buck stays healthy and good thing will transpire. Toronto will they go 9-9 and it all depends on lemon (will he be the number one QB) none the less I hope he excells within his apabilities. As Blue Blood states (if I can recall) East Div. should be tighter. That's my input at this point. :expressionless:

C'mon Red. The average age of the coaching staff probably dropped 20 years with Miller and Daley gone. :wink:

...I agree that a good portion of the rider staff salary is no longer bolstered by CPP payments...

Come on, Rider staff has a ton of excellent experience. :rockin:

:twisted: : and the riders have a special teams cordinator now : :lol:

As long as the Eskimos don't continue to suck, I don't care how tight the divisions are. The loss of Hall and Campball should help the team greatly. :smiley:

I do think it will be close in both divisions. The Argos proved they are not the doormats we all thought they would be and I think the Als will start coming down to earth, Calvillo is getting older and without Cahoon, well, no 3 peat for them I would say. The Peg might win only 2 or 3 games though, they will be undoubtedly the doormats of the league. :wink:

Dem’s fightin’ woids!

Nice pic :smiley: