Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Nov 1, 2007)

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Excellent piece of work, Mr. Milton,

as you say, the knee bone IS
connected to the thighbone,

The story begins here...

'If there was an individual germ
which started this epidemic of defeat,

it was the 1-17 season of 2003, when
owners David Macdonald and George Grant

declared bankruptcy.

But like most bad times, that disaster
actually began during the good times.

In the gloaming of the golden era of 1998-2001
(two Grey Cup appearances, 43-28-1 record)

budget cuts led to the subsequent migration
of free agents
, most notably to the hated Argos.

[You see boys and girls, lack of money,
NOT bone-headed decisions by the coach
caused our free agents to jump ship.]

Fan interest plummeted, and corporate support shrivelled.

When the club went bankrupt, it left behind
a skeletal, survival-mode administrative staff,

a cynical, shrunken fan base and no coach or GM.

When Young bought the ashes in late 2003,
he had to build too much in too short a time.

Correctly, he concentrated human
and financial resources on marketing,

re-connecting with fans and creating
a welcoming environment at Ivor Wynne.

The Youngsters had expertise in those areas,
but were absolute football novices. It showed.'

I agree with Mr. Milton's observations and conclusions.

An excellent article by Milton. Another post refers to a good article by Peters, who I seldom agree with, about the status of the team.

My humble opinion, get rid of the GM and DC, the rest will sort itself out.

Steve is one best Writers in the Country.
This Item was right on the money .

Another touchdown by Steve Milton. Well done Steve!
The only hint of optimism in all of this is the Scott Mitchell is unhappy.
He's the guy who has to make the off-season decisions so lets hope he wades right in and does the right things.

Lets hope Mitchell leaves for other pastures as he's brought nothing to Ticat land. He also showed that he was too connected being "so emotional" with Mike & Hitch. Your job is to make the team better Mr. Mitchell and you've failed.

As the article said...Scott Mitchell did not pick either
G.M. Marcel Desjardins or the Head Coach Charlie Taaffe.

Changing horses in midstream didn't work in 2005

and that would have had even more dismal results
if Scott made big changes in mid-season this year.

He did hire a man in August of this year though.

Expect several changes after the Grey Cup.

By game four, Marshall was jettisoned--ridiculously early. That left 14 games in limbo, with players playing for a coach (Lancaster) they knew wouldn't be back.
That's why I didn't renew my season ticket this year. Pre Mitchell management lost my confidence with that boneheaded decision, leaving us with a lame duck season. What Mitchell does in the next couple of months will determine whether I'll buy back in or not.

I couldn't disagree more. The article was stating the obvious and the known. Basically kicking the team while it's already down. It offered nothing specific on how to fix the team.



Come on the diehard laughs at this team because they have seen the good years and they know good things come to those who wait only left behind by fans who were too impatient to wait to see the good times!

Matelot, you're a joke! Clearly you know nothing about building championship teams.