Tough situations come and go, Tough People Carry On!!!

To Greg Marshall:

Thank you for your passion, and the exciting games you've coached.

I'm sure you will be landing a new coaching job.

Take the time you need to, to get reaquainted with your family, I know when you come back coaching you will be a force to be reconned with whether it's OUAA or CFL ball!

Thanks again coach you've always made time to talk to me and always have given your all for the team.

See you on the side lines soon!

Jarrett Harris

Great post , Jarrett. Marshall has been a class act during the good and the bad times. With a few breaks, like good field goal kicking , the Cats would be 2 - 2 and he'd still be running the team. Good luck to coach Lancaster, and here's wishing Coach Marshall all the best in the future. You are a passionate coach and I'm sure you will be back in the game before too long.

Adversity reveals character. We saw Marshall's when he stuck around to talk to the players and media today. Good people like that persevere. He'll be back better for the experience and hopefully remembers his time here fondly.

Lancaster sucked his 1st go-round as HC and is now 4th winningest CFL coach ever. This doesn't have to be the end for Marshall. It's up to him.

Personally, I hope he takes another kick at the can. The guy is a class act.

An Argo fan

Thank you Jare.. I think you said what a lot of us are feeling and thinking today!!!

He has made allot of mistakes as hc, which is why he's out of work, if he chooses to admit he made em, and learn from them he'll be back in this league. If not he'll always be a CIS hc, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I just read the Spec articles on Greg, it's a shame his learning curve had to take this turn. I truely believe such adversity makes people stronger.