Tough Schedule to Finish Season

I don't think there are many Evergreen & Gold fans that would not have been happy with a 7-4 record if you asked before the season began. Now we will see where the bear crapped in the woods. With 4 game against teams that are chasing them in the west and 2 against the front-runners in the east it promises to be a dificult home stretch.

Jason Barnes should/will be back against the Als; Montreal coming off a short week, thus the Bombers D exposed enough for the Esks to work on to get a victory. They will be in tough for two on the road against B.C., so a split at B.C. Place is what I see. Two games at home against the Riders, thus could be 2 wins against them. Then again the last game of the season is with Sask. and depends if the Esks need this one otherwise they could rest some players. Can't take Toronto lightly either, but that game I can see us winning on the defensive side of the ball. Against Winnipeg at home: Special teams I feel will come into play/turnovers as well could be huge. With all that insight combined with the win in Hamilton; I'm happy to be back on pace for an 11-7 record. To finish 12-6; "MUST" beat Winnipeg. Good discussion thread as anything can happen :thup:

Most of the rest of our games are at home, and we have to win those plus we should beat Toronto on the road.

It seems that at least our defence other can tackle again too besides just Sherritt and then Hill and Brown in the secondary as is never a good sign, for Munoz certainly is stepping up as is Rod Davis and we have Restelli back.

We even have a decent pass rush!

Volatile Montreal is our toughest test at home this weekend in my opinion, and we cannot turnover the ball if we are going to beat Saskatchewan twice at home.

Any other wins are make-up for home losses or gravy including especially BC twice on the road.

If we can keep some running game in play and have a decent offensive line scheme, as we did against Hamilton on the road last weekend, we'll win at least these games of the remaining games.

With fundamentals as we showed last weekend intact, to beat us at home the other teams would just have to outplay us on offence and have perhaps the best game of their respective season.

T.J. Hills neck injury (9 gamed list?) turned out to be nerve related; the injury occured in the warm-up just before the Calgary game at Commonwealth. This explains the out/in; Osaisai wasn't happy he was released, but is pleased fot the most part to be back with the Eskies. Quote by Osaisai: " Look forward to the future and moving on to that point". Great attitude to have.

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After the loss against the Lions last week this upcoming game against Sask. is crucial to get some "SWING" back into the group as a whole. Before they play Toronto on the road, the Eskies have Winnipeg; who are similar to us (more L's than W's) after posting a good run in the first 6 games so to speak and will be looking to knock Edmonton down just like they did in Winnipeg which started Edmonton's slide. We are going to the playoffs and it would be nice to get one home playoff game; the next game at B.C. I say will determine that scenario.

This is the "KEY" to the Semi-Final/and or West Final; Messam gets into the game early - improved O-Line protection for Ray; designed roll out plays that opens up opportunity in the flat. Team effort is the Kavis Reed moto.