tough road ahead with Edmonton and Saskatchewan

I thought Montreal was going to be our biggest concern this year and I do think thats true but after Edmonton just beat Montreals 4-0 streak yesterday by beating them 33-19 i think we have a true test next week. I really enjoyed our game with BC Lions and we played really well. I just dont think BC Lions are as good this year as teams like Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary. I wouldnt underestimate Saskatchewan either. Next Saturday we face Edmonton at Ivor Wynne and we really need to get at Ricky Ray next week. hes going to be dangerous for us. Its our best chance at beating them...before we head off to saskatchewan and play saskatchewan on there home turf. Then we get a bye week and face Edmonton again on there home turf and then the labour day game with Toronto will be taking place. The next few weeks of August are not going to be easy for us...I really hope Arland Bruce really learns the playbook this week before playing Edmonton. I think if he can get more playing time and Edmonton doubles up on Arland Bruce and/or Prechae Rodriguez it really opens up the door for other guys like Chris Davis and Marquay McDaniel. Even Dave Stala. I think we have a lot of guys that Quinton Porter can thro to...and not only that we have a quarterback that can run pretty good if need be..and a running back in DeAndra Cobb that is outstanding.

I really hope they take to practice this week and really work Alrand Bruce into the playbook ...thats all i can say...were going to need to keep the edmonton defence guessing. I cant wait to see Garrett McIntyre go after Ricky Ray next week!!! GO CATS GO!!!!!

The next 4 or 5 are Winnable Games.
I think AB III will be fine ..
They work him in week by week
By Labour Day he'll be Ready for this Former Team Mates and Captain Bart

I think every game is winnable.

We are going to smoke all of them!!!!!!!!! :rockin: [i]

I hereby nominate this post as the post of the last 5 years![/i]

I second that Wristy we'll smoke em all :rockin: :rockin:

I agree with Wristy that the next 3 games will be a real test for our team, particualrly with 2 of these on the road. Both Edmonton and Saskatchewan have been up and down so far this year, so it's difficult to say which teams we will see. They both won games against formidible oponents this week, and are generally ranked higher than us on most of the power rankings.

Hopefully we can beat Edmonton at Ivor Wynne. This would really help build some confidence, and help us gain a little more respect. I would be happy to see us win one of the games in Regina or Edmonton. I think these will be a real challenge for us.

After that we get a home and home against the Argos. We can't take them lightly, as I believe they have a pretty good team.

I really think anything could happen in the next 4 or 5 games. This team can compete with anyone, but still has some shortcoming. I can see us winning as few as 1 and as many as 4. I think we can expect some pretty exciting games.

Speaking of exciting games, it was nice to see some better games this week. Looks like the pre-season is finally over.


Edmonton has come a long way fast. While it's fun to say we are going to "smoke them," it's not facing reality. If we beat them, it's highly unlikely we will be running roughshod over them. I wouldn't use B.C. as a measuring stick. I think they are a lot weaker than most think. Our offence continues to struggle. Porter still has trouble putting the ball in the endzone. Our defence shows signs of brilliance but they can be soft at times and allow teams to march down the field with ease.
Now on the positive side. If we can get a better rush on opponents QB, we are currently last in the league in sacks, it will help our defensive backs shut down the short passes the Ray is so good at. Bruce should help our offence open up whether he's catching the ball or attracting lots of attention.
I think we can beat Edmonton and Sask but we are going to have to be at our best... i like what our coaches are doing and the ability of the coaches to prepare the team and come up with a good game plan might be the difference between winning and losing.

Taking things one week at a time, I feel we are better than Edmonton and should beat them. They are traditionally not as good in Hamilton and we have a few wins against them with much worse teams.

It wont be easy, no game will be this year… but i expect a win.

Every game is winnable but even if the Ticats only win 2 more games on the roade this season and have a strong record at home. They will win 10 games. That is a huge improvment over last year and will be a REAL step forward. Once in the post season with a home game everything becomes possible.

The ticats have certainly looked good against BC, but of course we're not going to win every game for the rest of the season.

Even if the Ticats are swept by the 2 best teams in the league (Montreal and Calgary), they just need to split with Edmonton and Saskatchewan, take 3 of 4 from the Argos and 2 of 3 from Winnipeg to have a .500 record. If we split the season series with the Argos then the record is 8-10, still a big improvement over last year and probably enough for the playoffs.

Here's a pretty conservative layout (prediction?) of how it may go, with bigtime pessimism (may or may not be warranted) about our chances against Calgary and Montreal:

Ticats record against:

  • Winnipeg 2-1
  • Argos 3-1 :roll:
  • BC 2-0 :rockin:
  • Edm 1-1
  • Calgary 0-2 :cowboy:
  • Sask 1-1
  • Montreal 0-3 :oops:

This produces 9 wins, a split with the Argos will result in 8 wins. As I said, this would be a BIG improvement.


I still see 10 wins

Me too and if this team continues to improve and bruce gels in a lil luck and Chemistry and it could be 11 or 12 wins.

:rockin: No doubt we are turning the corner now.

I completly agree i think we could easily see 10-13 wins this year and im super pumped because i think we could get a home playoff date and i think with our games coimng up i think we can improve to 7-3 (loss coming to sask or edm in edm)

i see us being 5-4 after labour day, which obviously would put us on pace for 10-8, and a home-playoff game.

I wanted to check out my own predictions. This appeared in a thread called 'tough road ahead with Edmonton and Saskatchewan'

Well, I could still be proven right, I said 8 or 9 wins, although I didn't get things exactly right. I never imagined Toronto could beat us a second time. I also didn't think we would beat Calgary.

Looks like it may all come down to Nov. 8 in Winnipeg - glad I bought a ticket (and airfare) for that one, at the time I thought it would be a meaningless game, but I couldn't have been more wrong!