Tough luck

Well, Doug Brown said a couple days ago that he really hoped the Bombers won because that'd be the only thing to enjoy in Hamilton.Hope you had a nice cold shower after your loss Dougy, see you next week :smiley:

Is there some sort of history to Mr. Brown's distaste for Hamilton? I don't really follow the theatrics.

A couple years ago Doug the Whiner Brown used his column in a Winnipeg newspaper to complain that the Tiger Cats turned off the hot water in the visitors dressing room and he had to take a cold shower and that the dressing room smelled of urine

Boo Hoo!!

:roll: :roll:

Unfortunately, Brown's feelings are those of the majority of CFL players. The others just haven't said it publicly. Although visiting players enjoy IWS and the interaction with the fans during the games, Hamilton would be their least favourite road trip destination. Reasons -- the long, and often slow, bus connections from/to Pearson,and that means an extra early wake up call the morning after, the lack of hotels which often means staying in Burlington or Oakville and, of course, what's to do in their spare time. What would you prefer -- Crescent Street, or Robson, or the RBG? The distractions for visiting players in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary are a bonus for the home teams. Visiting teams ARE more focused on the task at hand in the other cities, particularly in the Hammer.

and you speak for all the other players? wow you must be pretty cool to know all the cfl players. Doug Brown is a tool.

No. And, you make a good point tcmike. My opening statement, as written, is overly strong and should have included the word "probably" or "IMHO" or both.

Well then they should all sign up at :lol:

I notice one of the cities you didn't mention was Winnipeg. :lol:

I think it was Dieter Brock who only liked the zoo there. But the Palomino Club has always been a much bigger attraction for most.

Anybody else the video on the big screen last night when they were playing the tiger song from the hangover. And when the guy sang "And then were gunna find our best friend Doug" they showed a picture of Doug Brown. I thought it was hilarious and they definitely need to put it on the website so we can show the winnipeg fans. :smiley:

It was awesome. The Ti-Cats video department do a great job.

If I recall, Winnipeg is not a vacation destination either. Brown comments about our city and IWS is just bs for his so called
news paper articles. Hay Doug - how did they find a helmet that big for your attitude. Kind of reminds me of Adriano Bellie - the king of “Pant Loads” Hope you enjoyed your shower with your buds!

I could care less what Doug Brown says. He complains about the visitors locker room at IWS but why should the visiting teams dressing room be welcoming at all. It's part of the difference between going on the road and playing a game at home.
I've been in there, and it's pretty much just a small concrete room with toilets and locker stalls. :smiley:

In the new Stadium Please Turn off the hot Water if Doug Brown comes to town.