When looking at the schedule and whats left...we got a tough road ahead of us...We better get back in there and dont let the loss of Montreal get to us. We need to see what we did wrong and work on that...which is everything i think..Offence, Defence and special teams.

We have a tough 7-5 Calgary team that is going to try and get revenge on us from beating them two weeks ago.

Then we have Winnipeg at home the following week. They are only two points behind us and just beat Toronto 29-24 last week. Michael Bishop had a great game and you know they will want to try and take it to us to claim second place. Especially if they beat Edmonton this week and we lose to Calgary. OH MAN!!!
This game will be tough..count on it!!

Then after Winnipeg, we face Montreal IN Montreal. No easy task considering they CRUSHED us this past week and have been crushing everyone overall except a fluke Edmonton and BC games.

We then go to Toronto and face them. With them not having the greatest year, I think we can pull that win from them

Then comes Saskatchewan. They have been tough to play against and are hard to beat. Hopefully with being at home we can pull this win off..Once again not an easy task.

Then the final week we have Winnipeg in Winnipeg. Depending on the standings, it could end up being a fight for second place. Tough game but hopefully we beat them and claim the second place spot and host a home playoff game.

Should get quite interesting for the rest of the season.

no way that winnipeg beats edmonton

Winnipeg is FOUR points behind us and not very good at all,

Bishop had his FIRST good game of the year... he was due, he'll go back to being good ole Divot Bishop, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then

Careful: in the CFL, anything can (and probably will) happen)

I called 9 & 9 at the start, and I'll stick to it. With the 6 remaining games, I say we'll get at least three wins against that schedule, maybe for (optimistically). But even 2 will do it for our playoff goal. The glass is definitely half full, and filling. :thup:

Go Cats

From TSN Schultz Against The World

The final game in Week 14 is Hamilton at Calgary. I would be very surprised if Quinton Porter were to start this week. As a quarterback, he is not a strong starter and as the cliché is stated: you can't win a game in the first quarter but you sure can lose a game in the first quarter. Against Montreal last week, Calgary two weeks ago, and Saskatchewan back on Sunday, August 16th, the first quarter for Porter was a disaster. I wonder what would have happened if Kevin Glenn had either started the game in each situation. Porter needs another off-season and training camp, and the Ticats need to commit to Glenn right now. At 6-6, they still have an opportunity to go 12-6, which would be a playoff game at home and an outstanding season. But first, it's Calgary. HAM 26, CGY 33

What would be considered an easy game for the Cats?

We do have Winnipeg and Toronto left on the schedule.

Outside of those two there are no easy games.....unless you are Montreal!

The Cats needed to rally late to beat a Bomber team that had an injured qb who went 7/19 for 99 yards. I think you’re overestimating your Cats if you think any game will be easy for them.

We also have 2 loses to the Argos on our resume if you are keeping track :cry: