Tough game coming up in Toronto???

The Ti-Cats will have a tough game coming up in Toronto at the Rogers Centre against the new re-born Argo's after last nights victory over Montreal.

They had 22,000 at last nights game, lets get lots of Cat supporters out and raise our support over 30,000 plus and cheer loud and proud for our Tiger-Cats, another back to back series coming up against the Argos it's time to put some hard hitting action on the Argo-Nots and time for Cobb to break out for 100 plus yards. "Winning is Sweet, Losing Sucks"

Let's Eat The Argo's RAW Tiger-Cats!!!!

"Let's eat the Argos raw" or as they would say in Toronto "let's have some sushi." :lol: :lol:

lets make sure its nice n loud when the argos offense is out there this friday

Cobb needs a break out game. Lets sweep these guys and take over second place so they'll be coming to Ivor Wynne in November. :thup:

:) Iooking forward to this one

Every game is different and every team plays differently against each other. You cannot gauge how tough they will be for our Cats by how they played the Als.

Maybe not Zen but they will not be pushovers that's for sure....

We better have a good game plan going into this one and not try to fit a square peg into a round hole...