Tough game coming up in Regina!!!

It seems every game is a tough game for the Ti-Cats these days and Toronto coasts by at 3-1 with a rookie QB, it's High time the Ti-Cats start to turn the 2010 season around and get back on the winning track in Regina. The Ti-Cats must get motivated to Win, I don't know if the problem is with head coach Marcel B or if it's a player problem but this team must get motivated to win and win quick. I would start Quinton Porter on Saturday in Regina if he doesn't work our ship in Kevin Glenn but I think it's high time for Glenn to sit and watch a quarter or two from the sidelines. The one Big advantage Porter has is his size and ability to open up the pocket and run, it keeps defenders on their toes more that a drop back passer like Kevin Glenn and hopefully that will open up the run more for Deandra Cobb.

Lets get our second Win in Regina on Saturday and get to 2-3 on the year and climbing.


Porter starting: You're kidding right???

I like our chances better with Glenn, provided he's learned to pass already.

I heard he had an 80% efficiency rate with his passing
prior to his 16 for 32 completion rate in Montreal.

Better than Anthony Cavillo, or was that just a rumour?

Problem is not Glen its the o-line. The coach has made the necessary adjustments to the oline that should improve our running game specifically short yardage. My only concern is Bauman stating at receiver, he really needs to show he can play because this kid has dropped far to many footballs the past couple of seasons. Barker at safety should also be an improvement, with all due respect to Sandy he was not a starting safety. I predict we win a close one and the Argos get crushed because we are not a 1-3 team and and the Argos are definitely not a 3-1 team with Lemon at QB.

Disagree about Bauman. He has slowly but surely put his game together and has earned a chance to play. Adding a non import at WR or slot really gives the team more flexibility to upgrade in positions that non-imports just aren't getting it done. At 1-3 a change here and there seems to be in order

If this team is as good as many of us think they will win in Saskatchewan. This game is a character game and I hope we walk in to Mosaic and play great. My biggest hope is that Sandro gets it done though I hope he gets more converts than fieldgoals.Final score Cats 33- Riders 22.

That's a great idea it really is, but I have an even better one.
If we want a mobile QB back there why not just put thiggy in? I'm sure he can thrown just as good as Porter can.

Good answer, Ron. I worded that wrongly. I meant the deep balls. He's no problem on the short stuff although it has been noted that he sometimes has trouble putting it in the bread basket even on the short stuff and leaves his receivers vulnerable to getting creamed and that's no rumour.

With the Riders getting hammered in Calgary and playing at home it might not look good for us considering that in our best game this year we managed to only put up 28 points!

It will be interesting to see how Barker plays this game, given its his first start since last season. Bauman hasn't been given much playing time yet and he's going to need to make a statement soon to silence his critics. It could also be a very make or break game for Cobb and our O-line. This game will be a good measuring stick, but then again, we all remember what happened last time we had one of those.

I agree. After seeing the Cats play in Montreal their chances in Regina had to be rated as slim to none. Then, when Calgary hammered the Riders, slim left the building.

The Riders are probably more than a little bit ticked off at losing last week. I think the Cats are going to be neutered!

I've seen teams bounce back from severe thrashings and then hand out one of their own.I have a good feeling about this game, and although I may have said so out of anger last week, i'm not ready to give up on this team yet.
GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

I think it'll be an interesting game to watch, I'll be hoping for the best, that we see the team step up this week. But unless they step up, if they play like they did last week, then it could be a blow out. The game against winnipeg next week will be the must win to turn the season around if that's the case.

After watching last night's Montreal -blue team game the East looks like this to me:

Montreal -  probably untouchable and in the Grey Cup unless a total disaster occurs 

Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg - way behind Montreal in just about every category. It could be a tossup who finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th. But unless we get our act together quickly and at least beat Winnipeg I would say we will spend the rest of the season in 4th place.

 I hope we can recover from this very bad start to the season, show some consistency and decent play calling and use our talent to its fullest.

Two things bother me:

-  before the season began I questioned the fact that we have not tried to improve the quarterbacking. Marcel says he wants consistency but it looks like all we are getting is consistent mediocrity.  Bad play calling from Mike Gibson and a weak O line notwithstanding, it looks to me like we have seen all we are going to see from Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter.....but it's not enough. Glenn is still the best bet as long as he has an O line to protect him and some decent play calling to execute. But we need an up and comer behind him like Travis Lulay who inspires some confidence when he has to step in. I wish they would give Adam Trafalis some more work to see if he has the potential.

  - I can't believe Obie has not addressed our offense, which has not improved since last season. Why does he allow it to continue like this?  Just look at the offensive plays in last night's game. Montreal and the blue team (and the rest of the league)  make us look like a high school team when it comes to play selection. In this area we are just not up to the standard of the rest of the league.

     I hope the coaching staff can wake up and come up a competitive game against Saskatchewan. Marcel has come up with far too many excuses for why we lose and either ignores or doesn't believe we have a serious game plan deficiency and no indication of any adjustment to it when it's obviously not working. 

I think the Green defence can be had...but not with the kind of offence we have used so far.

I won't be able to see the game on Saturday but I'll be cheering for our guys anyway. :thup:

They have barley been winning games. They look like an ok team but nothing special. If the lions or cats showed up with an A game against them the als lose.

Really? See...'OK' is how I think most people would describe the Lions or Cats this year...not the Als...

makaveli: After what I saw last night, Montreal's D line will make sure we never have an A game. Our O line is weak.
I really hate being critical of our team but I really thought we would come out this year with a new sense of purpose and cohesion.
Instead we are seeing the same problems as last year..... poor offensive strategy and no improvement from our QB's.
I'm beginning to wonder if we are capable of getting any better with this coaching staff (excluding Greg Marshall).
I hope tomorrow's game against the Green Guys proves me wrong.