Tough Defence

Shaw hit Glenn with a clean hard tackle.

We saw lots of gang tackling out there last night .

Our front four were a big factor in this game .

Our defence was hitting hard like a good Ti-Cat team should!

Proud of our defence! :cowboy: :thup:

Nice to see a relatively fresh defense on the field later in the 4th quarter last night. Good job offense, thanks for allowing the D some coffee breaks.

Sam Young wasn't thrown at much at all last night, meaning he probably did a great job in coverage. And I really like what AC Collier brings to the pass rush. These two guys are important additions to our D.

Great to see pressure on the quarterback for a change. What is the story on Cody's injury ?

On last night s telecast they commented that Lancaster spoke to Reed about what he wanted to see. The result appears to be more presure. I for one can not stand that three man line that Reed loves to use on long yardage. Last night I never seen it once.

The blitzes were most effective when they were timed and that confused the Winnipeg O-line, big time. Reed and McPhee still have to get on the same page about DB blitzing when the DB is not lined up on the line showing blitz. Fake blitzing does not have to always be fakes from guys right on the line. We often get burned with crossing patterns and quick-hitting hot routes because holes are left from our defenders getting caught too tight. More experienced QBs like Calvillo and Allen can take advantage of that.

More zone blitzing mixed in would really build on last nights performance. I think adding additional wrinkles to what we do pressure-wise is essential. I HATE 3-man rushes and vanilla coverages. It was refreshing to see more old-school style Tabbie defence!

Oski Wee Wee,

Tough D its about time :thup: Defence wins championships and that is a fact!

who was it that said shaw had to go.. so far hes better our chances this season, takin out allen now glenn.. hes a solid player looking to get the ball tryina pop it out of recievers hands, takinour qb's hes an all in one package and ihtink hes solid.