OBIE and the BOYS must be having to make some pretty tough decisions especially at receiver and the defensive line as yopu have a bunch of guys that are close in ability :

receiver :

Aaron Kelly
Dion Murphy
Jeffers Harris
Chris Duwalt
Onrea Jones

I imagine at least 2 have to go and 1 can make the practice roster and another would be the kick retrurner and the other the 5th receiver ?

of these guys one will be kept as kick returner and I am guessing it will be Murphy
we will keep one receiver on the roster and I am thinking Aaron Kelly with Duwalt on the practice roster . I would have put Dewalt a kick returner , put Jeffers Harris in the lineup because i like his grit and Kelly on the PR
Either way we will be letting go a few good receivers


Ronnel Brown

A case can be made for any one of these guys to stick or go...
Bordeaux has played well but not much experience and a smaller college with no the best stats
Crable has not looked so good but he has great credentials ..3 round draft pick in the NFL out of michigan played for new england patriots etc
Mcelveen - should be very hungry having been the third DE in Montreal fro a while has looked good at time and can play DT and DE as Rose can
Ronnel Brown has looked like a beast at DT ..Powell is a good pure pass rusher

It's hard to say if they will put more stock on perfromance versus track record and experience.

my felling is you have to keep Rose and Brown and Bordeaux has outplayed Powell hat I do is

I assume that PEACH is Peach is healthy so here is what I do


With Bordeaux on the practice roster ...if Crable stumbles Bordeaux comes in. I don't think Crable would accept a PR spot so we need to give him a short while Borseaux likely would

we will be letting go a few good linemen

I’ve got a feeling that we will see five import defensive linemen dressed on game days. Along with Eddie Steele, both back-ups can rotate into the line as required.

I think you're right at receiver - Kelly makes the team as a backup, and Duvalt makes the PR, mainly because of his return ability.

And I think you're right for starting d-line as well, with McElveen and Steele as backups rotating in. In this case, they might ignore Steele's NI status, or put him in whenever Knowlton comes in for Eiben, at least until Hinds is back.

So if I get this right, the whole ratio structure rides on Steele, Eiben and Hinds and that is before one game has even been played...

Actually it only comes down to Ryan Hinds. If he is healthy, then he starts plain and simple. Eiben and Steele starting will only be the domino effect if Hinds can't go. For all I know they may go with Bucknor or Rwabukamba starting at corner until Hinds is healthy. Adjusting the ratio due to injuries will go on all year starting from game 1 to game 18 and beyond.

Exactly. The issue is that the perceived drop-off between starter and backup for non-imports is the greatest at DB. At the other non-import positions, the backups are pretty close to being starters themselves (Stala, Fournier/Stephenson, Husband) so subbing them in isn't too much of an issue, and there are multiple backups there.

That's not true. Even if Hinds starts, the team only has six starting non-imports: Hage, Dyakowski, O'Neill, Fantuz, Giguère and Hinds. One of Steele or Eiben would still have to start.

26 moves to be made, and I would think they'll most likely make them, or least most of them, today. That would put the declared team together for the first time tomorrow in St. Catharines and make that practice a first and positive felling extra day of game prep for the opener, rather than having a sort of last day of camp atmosphere. Then Sunday off, and the regular 3-days of practice routine starts Monday.

After thinking about it, it more likely comes down to the drop-off between the primary and secondary backups. With Hinds injured, Rwabukamba could start, with Bucknor as his backup. But Bucknor is too much of an unknown, too high a risk. So the dominoes start to fall.

You forgot Darcy Brown, the seventh NI starter.

I think they like Bucknor more than Rwabukamba.

I'm trying to remember when they played against Winnipeg, Wasn't Rw... playing in the first quarter with the (I'm assuming) starters? When was he replaced by Bucknor?

I did like most of what I saw from Bucknor, although I seemed to remember him being beat a couple of times. I hardly noticed Rwabukamba out there. Usually that's a good thing for DBs. But it could just be that he was replaced early.

That's true, but like you, I'm hoping the team starts three non-import receivers (Fantuz, Giguere and Stala) with Darcy Brown switched in there when required.

I think Bucknor started the game at corner, with Rwabukamba playing there in the second half. I could be wrong though, it's tough to tell from watching on tv.

No, it was the other way around. Bucknor started and held his own.

Ok, thanks. As jordon says, it's sometimes hard to tell watching TV. And as I mentioned on the game-day thread, I was watching on an older TV, so making out players' numbers on the wide angle shots was difficult. And while I can often recognize the starters without seeing their numbers clearly, I'm not there yet with the backups, and definitely not with the first year players.

I recorded the game, so maybe I'll get the chance to watch it again on the good TV and look for different things. Or I could just wait for the cuts and next week's depth chart. (But what's the fun in that, eh?)

I didn't forget him, I just don't think he's a starter. If he is then the Cats will be running a lot of four-receiver sets. What I have seen more of in practice is the team having Onrea Jones in the starting lineup as the fifth receiver. Since every team's base offense tends to be five receivers, Brown does not count as a starter.

My hope, as already pointed out by mightypope, is for the team to start Stala. The seven starting NIs would be: Fantuz, Giguère, Stala, O'Neill, Hage, Dyakowski and Hinds (or Steele). I like Eiben and think he can do a great job on defense, but not at the expense of Knowlton.

Looks like Belton Johnson is gone....

Belton Johnson ?@bjizzle56 Enjoyed my time in Hamilton as a TI-Cat...

This sucks.

once again looking at the all mighty dollar i guess
i just hope they don't cut knowlton
i am guessing anyone not dressed for the wpg game that was no0t injured likely will be cut then
like fournier , francisco , deon murphy , calytor , clem johnosn, bullock for example

i guess Dile won Johnson's spot i just hope hennesy takes simmons spot

Claytor is better, imo.

Duvault is gone too....

Chris Duvalt ?™ ?@duvy15
Just got let go SMH crazy world