Tough Crowd

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What an eternal optimist for the CFL this guy is! Notice the comment about Hamilton.

Sorry, once I saw the article was from Lefko, I didn't read it. I don't know how many times he's been wronger than wrong in regards to the goings-on in the CFL. The guy has no credibility.

You don't like to hear the truth?????

I agree with Lefko the CFLis a tough sell in Toronto - and they WILL have a hard time selling out the dome.
Why would everyone jump all over this guy for telling the truth.
The CFL is just not a great sell in Southern Ontario, it's not a knock against the CFL but a knock against Torontonians.

Lefko is 100% correct in that article on every issue he raises. Until Hamilton gets a new stadium anyway. A Grey Cup game in Hamilton will draw local support as would the Memorial Cup as Hamilton is a fiercely proud city that embraces national events even though they spurn their local teams

Well I know I’m going to try to get tickets regardless of who is in the cup that year, and frankly I hope every Ti-Cat fan does the same. I think it would be awesome if we had a black and gold section in the Dome.

I'll never go to Skydump for football again let alone pay $200 for it. Worst venue I've ever been in

whens the last time you've been there :s

Pinballs retirement game. Good but sterile baseball venue. Outrageously bad for football

I love going down there for games.
plus after the game your right downtown and you can walk to Jack Astors with the players.

If I could see the game I might enjoy it too. Problem is that due to the shallow lower bowl configuration I can't

I think AKT actually mentioned this during the stadium debate. For some reason in the Rogers Center, there is a lack of for him to breathe, because covered stadiums thin the air, or something to that effect.

No I can't see over the 10 rows in front of me and I'm not short. The place is horrible. There is a good reason there are so many premium seats blocked off and covered with ads

The 100th will sell out and fast. I'll be getting tickets as quick as possible and I don't like the dome nor do I care bow mich Toronto.embraces this historic national event. Lefko's article is meaningless to me. Even if I'm the only person there and paid top dollar, I will be thrilled to be there so much. I'm getting chills thinking about it actually in so many respects and as I say, Toronto need not embrace it at all, irrelevant to me.