It was enjoyable to see all 138 (well the first 138 of 140) of Stegall's touchdowns on the big screen before the game. I'd like to see them again. Does anyone know if the video exists on the Net anywhere?

If anywhere, maybe youtube?

Lots of stuff here!
Including his NFL TD

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There is only one TD of Milt's that I enjoy watching.. the 100 yarder against the Esks last season..

lol, EVERYONE except for Esks fans loved that one!

You have to love that play even if you're an Esks fan. Even though it's not the football world's greatest catch, there is no arguing that the timing was extremely exciting and dramatic. It's a great story and people will be talking about for decades to come. The call on TV, not sure who it was, really captured it well.

just a point on the tribute vid. i am waiting for someone to put it on dvd and sell it. but pascucci did a fine job on the vid.

and as for the edmonton catch it still brightens my day.