Okay, I am sad that I missed the beginning of the Bomber/Eskimo game. I watched the last quarter and the score was 15 to 12 for Winnipeg. The next "Touchdown" was Edmonton. I thought it was a good touchdown. Actually I was quite ticked when Berry through the challenge flag. But when I saw the replay Edmonton's player only had one foot in the endzone and the other was out of Bounds. The ref said it was good because he had ONE foot in.

My question is Do you or do you not have to have two feet in the Endzone? I have checked the rule book and either I'm missing something or it is not in there. Please Help.

On any catch, only one foot ever needs to be in contact. I couldn't quote you where the rule is, but that is the CFL way. Long live the CFL I might add.

You might be confusing the rules with the NFL where they need both feet in bounds.

If you watched or watch the replys for the Toronto vs Calgary Game,

Calgary's First TD should have been clearly been called no catch he was in the Air when he caught it and landed out of bounds

It really was challenged becuase the game was not really in doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

No he had one foot drag inbounds

I know he had one foot in bounds. Here's a scenario...the QB throws a 10 yard pass near the sidelines. The receiver has to have two feet in the lines to be called a catch. So why doesn't that rule also include the endzone.

Nope. Just one.

That's NFL ball again :wink:

Not trying to be an ass, but are you American by any chance?

No I'm not American...that hurt. There was a game two weeks ago where the ref made the ruling that both of the players feet were inbounds so the catch was good.

I just would like stuff like that in the rule book so when you argue with people you can pull it out and say there!

You need one foot in the CFL... in NFL its 2, and in NCAA its 1 as well, i believe

Yes, you need to have one foot inbounds, but you cannot have one inbounds and one out of bounds - so long as one foot lands completely inbounds while the other is also in legal territory (i.e. in the air or on the playing surface) the catch is good.....if you have one foot out of bounds at the time of catching the ball, the catch is no good.

The rule does exist in the rule book. It is outlined in the last note to RULE 1 SECTION 9 Article 1. It's certainly not easy to find, but it is there.

Article 1 – Definitions
The ball is Out of Bounds when it touches a Sideline, Sideline in Goal, Dead
Line or the ground or any other object on or beyond these lines. The ball is
Out of Bounds when a player in possession of the ball touches a Sideline,
Sideline in Goal, Dead Line or the ground or any other object on or beyond
these lines.
NOTE: The ball shall remain in play when it is knocked or batted back into
the Field of Play by a player who is off the ground and who has not touched
the ground or any object Out of Bounds, see Rule 1, Section 9, Article 3.
NOTE: If a player gains possession of the ball while off the ground in bounds
and is contacted by an opponent and lands Out of Bounds in possession of
the ball, such player shall retain possession.
NOTE: A player who gains possession of the ball near the Sideline and
touches the ground in bounds with the first step shall retain possession even
if the next step is Out of Bounds.